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Supporting the vision and values of the School

Meet the Team

QM employs a dedicated team of loyal staff who provide exceptional teaching and pastoral care for our girls.

All students receive support and guidance from a strong network of academic and pastoral staff; from our Head of Years, Personal Tutors and Teachers, to our Pastoral Staff, Housemistresses and Nurses.

At QM we’re proud of our staff, who are experts at teaching the girls their specialist subjects. Small class numbers mean strong relationships are able to develop between teacher and student at Queen Margaret’s.

Beyond the classroom, staff enrich girls through various co-curricular activities that you can find out more about here - Co-Curricular Enrichment.

To learn more about our School, click here - About Queen Margaret's School.

Head, Sue Baillie

Head, Sue Baillie leads the Senior Leadership Team at Queen Margaret's

Meet the Head

Head, Sue Baillie

Head, Sue Baillie leads the Senior Leadership Team at Queen Margaret's

Meet the Head

The Head is supported by

The Senior Leadership Team

The Academic Leadership Team

Our Governors

Guiding and advising on the management of the School

Meet the Governors

Queen Margaret's is further supported by a team of brilliant individuals, each passionate about their profession and committed to providing an exceptional education and environment for our girls.


Art & Design

Sarah Porritt*

MA (Hons) Fine Art (University of Edinburgh), PGCE (University of Cumbria)Head of Art

Helen Colman

BA (Leeds), MA (Newcastle), PGCE

Teacher of Art

Debbie Stewart

BA (Wolverhampton), MA (Leeds), PGCE

Teacher of Art
Gary PennickTeacher of Art

Sally Wade



William Grant*

MA (Hons), (St Andrews), MSt (Oxford), PGCE

Head of Classics
Charmian BadgerBA (Hons) (OU), PGCETeacher of Classics
Assistant Head of Project Qualifications
Computer Science
Jon Witts*BA Hons (Lincolnshire), FDa (Huddersfield), ITIL, CEOPDirector of Digital Strategy
Head of Computer Science
Alison Leadley*DDE, AISTD(CB), RAD, UABPA Dip, BA (Hons) (Surrey), MA (Leeds Met)Head of Dance
Samantha BolsherAISTD (MD, TD)Teacher of Dance
Danielle CooperDDE (B,MD)Teacher of Dance
Drama, Theatre and Film

Mary Griffin*

BA (Hons) (Middlesex), PGCE(M)Director of Drama
Hannah PriestleyBA Performing Arts (Cumbria), PGCE (Liverpool)Teacher of Drama and English
Rachel LavellBEd (Hons) (Royal Central School of Speech and Drama)Teacher of LAMDA
Nicholas SchneiderPTLLSTheatre/Events Technician
Economics and Business Studies
Paul StevensHead of Economics & Business Studies
Claire NadinBSc (Hons) (Hertfordshire), PGCE (Nottingham)Senior Tutor – Key Stage 5 and Teacher of Business
Mark Payton*MA (Oxon), PGCEHead of English
Nicola OnyettBA (Hons) (York), DPhil, PGCE

Head of Careers, Higher Education and Project Qualifications

Andrea WatsonBA (Nottingham), MA (Durham), PGCETeacher of English
Andrew OxtobyBA (Hons) (Nottingham), PGCE (Leeds)Teacher of English
Hannah PriestleyBA Performing Arts (Cumbria), PGCE (Liverpool)Teacher of Drama and English
English for Academic Purposes (EAP) and English as an Additional Language (EAL)
Michael Walker*MA (Durham), PGCEHead of EAL

Food Preparation and Nutrition

Sarah ClarkBA (Hons), (Leeds), QTSTeacher of Food Preparation and Nutrition
Leyla Seeney*BSc (Leicester), PGCEDirector of Academic Department Development
Head of Geography
Fiona WhittleBEd (Bedford CPE), FIOSTeacher of Geography
History and Politics

Shaun Aston*

BSc (Hons) (Teeside), MA (York), PGCEHead of History and Politics
Lidia JanczynskaTeacher of History
History of Art
Alicia Viant*BSc (Hons) (Hull), Advanced Diploma in Mathematics, PGCEHead of Mathematics
Louise McAllisterBSc (Hons) (Leeds), PGCETeacher of Mathematics
Dominic FigonBSc (Hons) (London), PGCETeacher of Mathematics

Modern Foreign Languages

Estelle Leclerc*BA (Hons) (Leeds), PGCE Spanish and FrenchHead of MFL
Teacher of Spanish and French
Amanda DebenhamBA (Hons) (Newcastle) PGCE French and SpanishTeacher of French and Spanish
Senior Tutor Year III
Maria Algobia VilaBA, MA (Madrid), PGCE Spanish and FrenchTeacher of Spanish and French
Jackie HamlingBA (Hons) (Exon)MA (Hull), RSA Dip (York), PGCE German and FrenchTeacher of German
Milagros GreenCert Ed (York St John)Spanish Conversation Teacher
Veronique WellerCert Ed (York St John)French conversation Teacher

Paola Bolognesi

BA (Hons) (Pisa), MA (Siena), PGCE French and SpanishExtra curricular Italian Teacher


Samantha Horseman*

BMus (Huddersfield), MA (York), PhD (Huddersfield)

Director of Music
Chris ReeveBA (Hons) (Southampton), PGCETeacher of Music
Eleanor KornasBA, MA (Cantab)Head of Keyboard Studies
Simon DearslyHead of Keyboards (Maternity Cover)
Louise EvansBA (Hons) (Huddersfield) LTCLTeacher of Flute
Jonathan SageBA (York), MA (York)Teacher of Woodwind
Rosie Grace Susan MorrisMA, BMus (Hons)Teacher of Double Bass
Paul MilhauBMus (Hons), PGDip (RCM)Upper Strings
Mark CurreyBMus (Hons), ATCLTeacher of Guitar
Dave BostonBA Hons. (YSJ)Teacher of Percussion and Drums
Kevin HolbroughGDip (LCM)Teacher of Brass
Philip TitcombeBA (Hons), (York)Teacher of Piano
Heather WattsBA (Texas), PGDipMus (RCM)Teacher of Singing
Elizabeth HarborneBA (LCM)Teacher of Singing
Lucy BatesBA (RNCM), PGDipMus (RNCM)Teacher of Singing

Oriental Studies

Tracy GongMA TEFL, PGCETeacher of Mandarin

International Coordinator


Kathryn HornbyBSc (Hons), PGCE, QTLSHead of Psychology and Learning Support Teacher
Progress, Achievement and Student Support Teacher

Religion and Philosophy

Rev’d Robert Owen*BD (Wales), PGCEChaplain


Joseph Hazlewood*BSc (Hons) (Aston), MA, PGCE, RSA Prep Cert TEFL

Head of Science

Subject Lead Biology

Claire RowanBSc (Hons) (Newcastle), PGCETeacher of Biology
David FreeMChem (Hons) (Dunelm), PhD, PGCEDirector of Academic Administration
Subject Lead Chemistry
Sarah GortonBSc (Hons) (Leeds), PGCETeacher of Chemistry
Sian Thomas*BSc (York), PGCEDirector of Learning
Subject Lead Physics
Neil ShermanMPhys (York), PGCETeacher of Physics
Eileen RustScience Technician
Vanessa GeenScience Technician


Jill RastallBSC Hons(UWIC) PGCE (Northumbria)

Assistant of Director Sport

Head of Netball

Jude KilburnBA Hons with QTS (Liverpool John Moores)Teacher of PE

Head of Lacrosse

Assistant head of Careers and HE

Lorraine TaylorBEd Hons (Liverpool IM Marsh)

Teacher of PE

Fiona Whittle

BEd Hons (Bedford CPE) FIOS

Level 2 Swimming Teacher

Level 2 Swimming Coach

Teacher of PE and Geography

Head of Swimming

Enrichment Coordinator

Educational Visit Coordinator

Karen Mitchell

BA Hons (Middlesex)

L5 Senior Performance Coach

Head of Racquets

Steven Alpine Eales

L4 Personal Trainer/ Exercise specialist

L4 ASCC Strength and Conditioning Coach

L3 Teacher of Pilates

L3 Sports Conditioning

Head of Strength & Conditioning

and Personal Training

Clarisse Bale

BSC Hons (Leeds Beckett),

L2 Netball Coach

Sports Coach
Nigel AllisonBA Hons (Ripon & York St John)Sports Technician
Chloe HaganBSc Hons (University of Leeds)

Level 2 Hockey Coach

Head of Hockey
Julie ChengBA Hons (Lincolnshire & Humberside)

PGCE (Huddersfield)

Teacher of PE
Jamie CostaTennis Coach

Careers and Higher Education

Nicola Onyett*BA, DPhil (York), PGCEHead of Careers, Higher Education and Project Qualifications
Jude KilburnBA (Hons) (Liverpool John Moores)Teacher of PE, Assistant Head of Careers & HE

Progress Achievement and Student Support (PASS)

Kathryn Hornby*BSc (Hons), PGCE, QTLSHead of PASS Department (SENCO) and Inclusion Lead
Dawn HillBA Hons (UCRYSJ), PGCE, MAEd (Open)Progress, Achievement and Student Support Teacher
Senior Tutors
Chris ReeveBA (Hons) (Southampton), PGCESenior Tutor Year I
Amanda DebenhamBA (Newcastle), PGCESenior Tutor Years II & III
Louise McAllisterBSc (Hons) (Leeds), PGCESenior Tutor Year IV
Lorraine TaylorBEd Hons (Liverpool IM Marsh)Senior Tutor Year V
Claire NadinBSc (Hons) (Hertfordshire), PGCE (Nottingham)Senior Tutor Sixth Form
Neil ShermanMPhys (York), PGCEAssistant Senior Tutor Sixth Form
William GrantMA (St Andrews), MSt (Oxon), PGCESenior Tutor (Scholars)

Project Qualifications

Nicola Onyett

BA, DPhil (York), PGCEHead of Careers, Higher Education and Project Qualifications
Charmian BadgerBA (Hons) (OU), PGCEAssistant Head of Project Qualifications
Duke of Edinburgh's Awards
Caroline GoddardDuke of Edinburgh's Awards Coordinator
Heads of Houses
Alison LeadleyRAD, AISTD (CB), UABPA Dip, BA (Surrey), MA (Leeds Met)School House
Jude KilburnBA (Hons) (Liverpool John Moores)QM Hall
David FreeMChem (Hons) (Dunelm), PhD, PGCEGarry
Mark PaytonMA (Oxon), PGCESt Aidan's
William GrantMA (St Andrews), MSt (Oxon), PGCEPitlochry
Charmian BadgerBA (Hons) (OU), PGCEDuncan


Rev’d Robert Owen*BD (Wales), PGCEChaplain
Health and Wellbeing Centre
Paula EdwardsBsc (Hons) Nurse Practitioner and RGNSenior Sister

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Joan EvansBSc (Hons), RGN, RSCNNurse
Lucy FranekNurse
Rosalyn LesterBA (Hons) (York)Emotional and Wellbeing Practitioner
Sixth Form Boarding
Naida BurtonBsc (Hons) (Brunel), PGCE (M)Housemistress
Carrie GoddardAssistant Housemistress
Kim CrawfordBA (Hons) English (Newcastle), PGCE English (Leeds)Assistant Housemistress
Jodie MiddletonResidential Graduate Assistant
Emma HalliwellResidential Graduate Assistant

Winnifred Holtby House (Year V)

Clarisse Bale

BSC Hons (Leeds Beckett),

L2 Netball Coach

Acting Housemistress
Lidia SmithAssistant Housemistress
Ellie TurnerResidential Graduate Assistant

Warwick House

(Years I - IV)
Jill RoeHousemistress
Fiona PattinsonBA (Hons) (Surrey), MA (Southampton)Assistant Housemistress
Heather ThompsonActing Assistant Housemistress
Georgina GaddResidential Graduate Assistant
Ruby McCainResidential Graduate Assistant
Residential Assistants
Tracy GongInternational coordinator
Chloe Hagan

BSc Hons (University of Leeds)

Level 2 Hockey Coach

Head of Hockey

Administration and Development

PA to the Head
Louise CapponiHead’s PA
School Administration
Michelle Randall*Head of Examinations
Kirsty ParsonsHR Manager
Alexander HornostajData Manager
Karen Romeniuk-HorsleySchool Administrator: Pastoral
Marina RobsonSchool Administrator: Academic
Admissions and Communications
Alison RuddickRegistrar
Alice KirkupAdmissions Officer
Louise GilmoreAdmissions Assistant
Gina SkeneReceptionist
Emma LewisReceptionist
Emily SowdenBA Hons (Leeds), MCIMMarketing Manager
Matthew WilkinsonBMus Hons, MMus (RNCM)Digital Marketing Manager
Digital Strategy
Jon Witts*BA Hons (Lincolnshire), FDa (Huddersfield), ITIL, CEOPDirector of Digital Strategy, Head of Computer Science
James BeckIT Manager
Stuart ClarkIT Technician
Paul Rosser*Chef Manager
Michael BrookChef
Stephen HewittChef
David OxerChef
Nick HarrisonChef
Cathy PopeCatering Supervisor
Jacqui MartinCatering Assistant
David NewsomeCatering Assistant
Irma SaltieneCatering Assistant
Nick WorfolkCatering Assistant
Elizabeth CarlillCatering Assistant
Kara ManganCatering Assistant
Valerie BateCatering Assistant
Kerry EmmersonCatering Assistant
Daniel OxerCatering Assistant
Ed Cole*Estate Manager
Katie DuncanFacilities Manager
Hayley NaltonFacilities Administrator
Madeleine McNeillFacilities Administrator
Kieran SouthonEstate Foreman, Plumber and Heating Engineer
Stacy BramleyWorkshop Supervisor – Carpenter & Joiner
Peter JacksonElectrician
Colin MasseyBricklayer & Plasterer
Graham ThackrayRoofer, Painter and Decorator
David PowellHead of Garden & Grounds
Neil ColeGroundsman
Robert LeadbeaterGroundsman
Philip BreslinFacilities Assistant and Minibus Driver
Phillip OliverFacilities Assistant and Minibus Driver
Elaine Ryan*Finance Manager
Hazel BrownBursar’s Assistant
Lesley WaltonBursar’s Assistant
Kate SmithHousekeeping Supervisor
Sandra BeallHousekeeping Assistant
Jane CieplyHousekeeping Assistant
Joan GrayHousekeeping Assistant
Mandy JohnsonHousekeeping Assistant
Josie LeeHousekeeping Assistant
Shellby Moir-MeehanHousekeeping Assistant
Gwen RushtonHousekeeping Assistant
Anne WardHousekeeping Assistant
Dorothy Whiteford
Housekeeping Assistant
Laura BeallHousekeeping Assistant
Gemma SuterHousekeeping Assistant
Chris GeenTemporary Assistant
* indicates Head of Department
Cassie PageCommercial Lettings & Events Manager

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