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Learning Support

Progress, Achievement and Student Support

Designed to support our girls across all areas of the curriculum and help them achieve excellence in everything they do. We empower our girls to become confident, independent learners.

Learning Support At Queen Margaret's

A Special Educational Need can take on a variety of forms and whether a student is experiencing a learning difficulty, medical condition or pastoral need, our Progress, Achievement and Student Support Department serves to provide students with full support to enable them to flourish at QM. As soon as contact is made with the School it is important to advise of any special educational needs a student may have. Everything can then be put in place right from Assessment Day.

There is a process of continual monitoring in place and an ‘open door’ policy. All girls are screened for learning difficulties when they first join QM and then again in Year III (9) and in Lower Sixth Form. This ensures that any emerging difficulties are quickly identified and provisions made.

Our Specialist Assessor

The School is fortunate in having its own Specialist Assessor who sees the examination process through from start to finish for each individual girl, carrying out the appropriate assessments for examination access arrangements, implementing arrangements in the classroom for girls and ensuring the appropriate paperwork is completed and applications made to the examination boards.

What Support Is Available?

All girls on the Special Educational Needs register are offered weekly, personalised lessons, for which there is no charge. These are one to one, tailored to each girl’s individual needs and timetabled to fit with girls’ other commitments, so enabling girls to shine in all areas of the curriculum.

Progress, Achievement and Student Support embraces a ‘can do’ attitude and encourages girls that a special educational need is not a barrier to achievement. From the girl now reading English at Cambridge to the girl who has set up her own underwear business, anything is possible.

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I wouldn’t have achieved the pleasing results in my examinations without my weekly learning support.

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