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Personalised careers guidance supporting girls every step of the way

Career Preparation

Girls are supported every step of the way, guided through tutor support and Morrisby Profiling - a specially targeted psychometric test which helps you to consider future career options.

Career preparation starts right at the very beginning. Slowly introducing the concept in Year I through PSHE, the topic of Career Preparation is weaved in, encouraging the girls to discuss and consider a variety of opportunities for the future. Basic Morrisby Profiling takes place in Year III with more in-depth profiling in Years IV-V. To complement this, one to one interviews are held with all girls in Year V to talk about current studies, interests and potential future direction.

The new QM Careers and Business Network is a network of professionals from the QM Family brought together to help support and guide students as they take their final journey through School. Opportunities available include mentoring, work-based learning opportunities, work placements and advice. The network provides support to guide girls and encourage them to achieve their full potential.

QM’s annual 'Inspiring Lives' careers event brings together a range of speakers from different industries, often former OMs, to give the girls an insight into their work and have an open conversation about how they worked towards securing a place within their chosen career.

The 'Inspiring Lives' careers event gave me some new ideas which I explored further with my tutor. I am now much clearer on the type of career I am looking for and this has helped inform my subject choice at university.

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