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See what life is like at Queen Margaret's

A Day in the Life

Follow Sixth Former, Rose, as she takes you through a day in the life of a QM girl...

Meet Head Girl Megan

To be Head Girl at QM is an honour like no other, as you get to represent a school that encourages brilliance, confidence, being unique and of course kindness and maturity.

Meet Head Girl Megan

Meet our Deputy Head Girls...

Daily Life at Queen Margaret’s

Day pupils to QM can begin arriving at the school at 7:30, and every girl should be ready for the day by 8:15am in time for House registration.

Assembly & Tutorials

After registration, all students attend either assembly (which occurs once a week), chapel or tutorials (which both occur twice a week). In tutorials, each girl has her own personal tutor to oversee her academic progress and general wellbeing.

Lessons then start at 9:00am, and girls have a break at 10:55am, followed by lunch at 12:10pm.

Horizontal Boarding

Daily life at Queen Margaret’s can vary depending on what year the girls are in, from the cosy farmhouse dorm of Red House for Year I-II, to independent living in The Cottages for our upper Sixth.

Learn more about boarding at QM here.

After School Clubs

After lessons, extracurricular activities are an integral part of QM, from sport clubs and horse riding, to academic groups and creative activities. Our girls are given opportunities to exceed and enjoy themselves in a wide range of skills and hobbies.

Learn More About the QM Experience Here


Sacristan - Athena Hsu

Scholars - Millie Pennock and Ayusma Ale

Department Prefects

Art Prefect - Angel Leung

Dance Prefect - Cora Bretz

Drama Prefect - Lauren Newbould

Music Prefect - Abbie Lam

Sport Prefect - Kitty East

Specific Prefect Appointments

Environment Prefect - Luisa Heckman

House Captains

Duncan - Olivia Mence
Garry - Charlotte Grandage and Ella Conyers
Hall - Bonnie Harris
Pitlochry - Zoe Wade
School - Daisy Whittell
St Aidan's - Cressie Lawson-Tancred

There is a strong sense of community fostered at QM, with the older girls taking responsibility to act as role models to the younger ones and the supportive roles they adopt often develop into lifelong friendships.

ISI Inspector

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