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Meet the Student Prefect Team

Student Prefects

Our Student Prefect roles give the opportunity for girls to take on leadership positions and represent the student body. As well as Head Girl and Deputy Head Girl roles, students can apply for many other positions of responsibility such as Environment Prefect or House Captain.

Our Prefect and Monitor roles are extremely important within the school and their influence is vast. They lead the various school councils, act as mentors and, like all our girls, represent the school at many internal and external events.

Girls can apply for Prefect roles in the Summer Term of LVI to take on the responsibilities during their final year in UVI. Monitor roles are elected leadership positions for girls in Year IV to assist and deputise for the Prefects.

Meet Head Girl Megan

To be Head Girl at QM is an honour like no other, as you get to represent a school that encourages brilliance, confidence, being unique and of course kindness and maturity.

Meet Head Girl Megan

Meet our Deputy Head Girls...


Sacristan - Athena Hsu

Scholars - Millie Pennock and Ayusma Ale

Department Prefects

Art Prefect - Angel Leung

Dance Prefect - Cora Bretz

Drama Prefect - Lauren Newbould

Music Prefect - Abbie Lam

Sport Prefect - Kitty East

Specific Prefect Appointments

Environment Prefect - Luisa Heckman

House Captains

Duncan - Olivia Mence
Garry - Charlotte Grandage and Ella Conyers
Hall - Bonnie Harris
Pitlochry - Zoe Wade
School - Daisy Whittell
St Aidan's - Cressie Lawson-Tancred

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