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Providing a holistic education

Our Values

As one of the leading independent schools for girls in Yorkshire we provide a holistic education, underpinned by warm-hearted pastoral care.

As a forward-thinking school, we will empower your daughter to develop and flourish in her academic learnings whilst making the most of all the co-curricular enrichment opportunities available.

Aims of the School

QM girls take advantage of the School’s vibrant and complementary programme of studies and activities. In doing so, they will:

  • Achieve excellence inside and outside the classroom
  • Develop an enthusiasm for independent thought, learning and research
  • Grow with emotional maturity, social awareness and respect for individuality and difference
  • Forge special friendships that will stay with them for the rest of their lives
  • Be interesting, well-informed, happy and confident members of the community.

Values of the School

  • Commitment and Excellence
  • Honesty and Openness
  • Bravery and Resilience
  • Kindness, Respect and Tolerance
  • Friendship, Fairness and Fun.

QM’s Journey to 2022

QM’s Strategic Plan outlines the School’s aims, values and vision, as well as the goals required to fulfil them. This has been developed in order to equip students to succeed in the modern and changing world, whilst maintaining the core qualities of a QM education.

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