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One-Year GCSE Programme

A single-year programme designed with the needs of international applicants in mind.

Queen Margaret’s One-Year GCSE Programme offers a bespoke curriculum for girls in Year 11 (QM’s Year V). The Programme acts as an excellent springboard into the British education system, enabling girls to go on and study A Levels at the School and, later, to apply for entry into British universities.

The QM One-Year Programme is an intensive course of study, and requires a good level of English as well as a strong academic background to take part.We also offer the standard two-year GCSE programme of study.

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Pre-A Level Course

For those girls simply wishing to experience the many benefits of British boarding and to develop their English language skills in preparation for Sixth Form, QM’s One-Year GCSE Programme can also be offered on an unassessed basis as a ‘Pre-A Level Course’. This means that whilst we still assess applicants for entry to QM, the students do not take any external qualifications at the end of the year they spend at the School.

Pupils’ knowledge, skills and understanding across all areas of learning are excellent. Teachers have high expectations and strong subject knowledge, and they use this expertise effectively to help pupils improve their work.

ISI Inspection Report (2019)

Boarding makes a particularly strong contribution to pupils' social development: they build strong supportive relationships with fellow boarders that sustain them during their time at School.

ISI Inspection Report (2019)

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