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Understanding the World

A dynamic subject that straddles the Arts and Sciences, Geography allows you to gain an in-depth understanding of the many contemporary issues that face the world in which we live and equips you with a core set of transferable skills.

Geography enables girls to appreciate the ever-changing world and be better prepared citizens for the future. Geography excites curiosity and strengthens understanding of many contemporary issues through the study of global challenges such as climate change, water conflict, energy security, human rights and the development gap. Studying such issues empowers students to be able to think through problems, make decisions and find solutions.

Geography is very much an issues based subject which is future focused and as students progress through the years they begin to see how many links can be made, not just between the different elements of the subject, but also to other curriculum areas such as Science, History, Politics and Economics. The nature of Geography means there is classroom-based learning but also practical elements to the course. This encourages a variety of teaching styles and, as such, girls acquire a number of transferable learning skills.

The Geography Curriculum

Geography (A Level)

Sixth Form (Years LVI-UVI), Key Stage 5

In Key Stage 5 students learn the value of Geography both in its own right but also as a facilitator subject in the manner in which it bridges the Arts and the Sciences. The course explores the meaning, causes and impacts of a number of headline global issues from Energy Security, Economic Regeneration and Human Rights to Emerging Superpowers and Tectonic Hazards, all with a strong synoptic overview of issues, players and solutions. Girls also undertake an Independent Investigation which hones not only their project planning skills but also their ability to apply knowledge and understanding to interpret, analyse and evaluate geographical information and issues and make reasoned judgements.

Geography (GCSE)

Years IV - V (14-16 years), Key Stage 4

Students build their basic Geographical knowledge in more depth and breadth during Key Stage 4. The course explores a wide range of current geographical issues from flooding and climate change to global urbanisation and water security issues. The examples are drawn at a global scale and where problems are raised and solutions are explored.

Geography (Key Stage 3)

Years I - III (11-14 years), Key Stage 3

At Key Stage 3 students explore a range of themes that will resonate with what they may have seen on the news or experienced directly. Topics covered include World Biomes, Migration, Globalisation and Development. The exploration of these ideas through generic strands of learning can be further extended through project and presentation work and decision making exercises.

Geography has been really thought-provoking and has helped me to appreciate and understand the global challenges which will be faced by my generation.

QM Girl

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