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York Election 1
Academic | Posted 14.06.2017

Election Insight

As soon as the snap election was announced, we began campaigning and leafleting, and then applied to the electoral commission to observe the count for York Outer and York Central. On the day of the election, straight after our Politics AS examination, which seemed very fitting, we headed off to York armed with energy drinks for what would be a very long but exciting night.

Our badges provided us with full access to the entire hall so we had a great insight into what went on during a general election count. We got to speak with the candidates, had access to the Media Room and an insider view of the ballot papers (we saw some very interesting spoilt ballots). There was a large television, so we could see all the results coming in and discuss them with people from the various parties.

The result was announced for York Outer at 04:00 and York Central at around 04:30. After congratulating Rachael Maskell MP for her win in York Central, we began to head back to School, arriving back at around 07:00…. just in time for a full day of lessons.

By Georgina Deri and Keziah Austin, LVI.