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Private boarding school for girls - Small Independent School of the Year

QM: Among The Best Boarding Schools in Yorkshire for Girls

Published 21st February 2024

We consider QM to be amongst the Best Boarding School Experiences for Girls in York and Yorkshire.

Why are we so confident? Well, being named Small Independent School of the Year at the Independent Schools of the Year Awards certainly helps. This accolade is reflective of our offering for both boarding students and day girls.

We've also collected several awards and accreditations;

But, of course, it's more than just awards and accolades. It's about the QM Family. The QM Experience. And the QM way of life.

With an idyllic location, purposefully small status (under 300 students), academic excellence, small class sizes, horizontal boarding arrangements, and the facilities and enrichment opportunities of a much larger establishment, QM is perfectly positioned to allow every girl to thrive and become happy and successful women of tomorrow.

You won't get lost in the crowd at QM. Every girl is given the support and opportunities to find their passions and be the very best version of themselves. Perfectly blending the educational benefits of an all-girls school with the practical and holistic benefits that come from being a small school, QM has proven to be a winning formula that nurtures happy children into confident young adults, ready to face the world with resilience and emotional maturity.

Whether you're into art, music, dance, drama, sport, swimming, horse riding, computing... QM has the facilities and the dedicated staff to let you explore your passions and develop as a well-rounded individual.

Nestled on a beautiful countryside estate, yet just six miles from the historic City of York, Queen Margaret's School offers a blend of clean country living, a nurturing small school environment, and easy transport connections to the rest of the UK. We firmly believe that QM offers a true home-from-home experience.

If you're looking for a boarding school in Yorkshire and the north of England, look no further than Queen Margaret's. Our home-from-home environment offers everything girls need to thrive, both academically and holistically.

Get in touch with our Admissions Team to find out more.

Why Choose Queen Margaret's School for Girls?

1. A purposefully small boarding school. Queen Margaret's has under 300 students, meaning our staff-student ratio for a Yorkshire boarding school is incredibly high. Staff and students know each other so much better this way. If you've ever been lost in the schooling crowd, we believe a school like QM is the answer. Because we know our students so well, we can offer individual support, a nurturing environment, and so much better access to the incredible facilities and enrichment opportunities on site.

2. Holistic education. At Queen Margaret's School, we believe in nurturing our girls to be the best version of themselves. With a foundation of academic rigour and tailoring the right curriculum for each student, we then allow our girls to explore sports, art, drama, dance, horse riding, music, and so much more. Life Skills, careers advice, weekly personal tutorials, a huge range of enrichment, weekend boarding activities... it all adds up to a fully-rounded offer for our boarding students and day girls.

3. State-of-the-Art Facilities: At QM, being a small school in number doesn't mean we're a small school by nature. Our facilities are second to none, and of course, you'll have much more access to these facilities than at a larger school.

Astro Turf, lacrosse pitches, sports hall, gym, tennis courts, stables and horse livery, squash courts, a magnificent professional theatre, two swimming pools, art studios, a beautiful Chapel, and more... QM has everything you'd see at larger schools, without the competition to access it.

4. A Yorkshire boarding school like no other. Boarding life is central to the school, and whether you stay here 7 nights per week, 1 night per week, or anything in between (including day students), you'll be welcomed into the QM community and feel right at home.

We have a lively international community and we offer a true British boarding experience. Girls live together within their age groups and come together in Vertical Houses for inter-house competitions and activities. Weekends can be teeming with activities, and Exeat weekends offer the chance for girls to stay at school and take part in our exciting SIFLO programme (Stay In For Leave Out).

As you progress through the school, dorms become smaller, and independence becomes greater. Our Sixth Form boarding arrangement is also why we think QM is among the best boarding schools in Yorkshire.

Sixth Formers have wonderful independence as they live in small Cottages, residing in individual bedrooms, with the option to cook and prepare meals in communal kitchens. Staff are always on hand, but Cottages provides a flavour of independent life after school.

5. Boarding schools in Yorkshire. Boarding schools in the Yorkshire countryside offer a safe and idyllic escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. QM is just six miles from the City of York, meaning we offer the best of both worlds. Yorkshire has its own charm with a huge range of culture and opportunities to explore in the local area - from delightful cities and towns to the rolling hills of the Dales, the Moors, and the dramatic beaches of the East Coast.

QM, in particular, is extremely well connected - only 2+ hours' travel can bring you either to London or Edinburgh, and the nearby airports and rail links mean international students can travel home efficiently.

Another favourable consideration of Yorkshire is its beneficial school fees when compared to London and schools in the south.

Admissions Process

Ready to embark on the Queen Margaret's School journey? Our admissions process is designed to be transparent and accessible. Visit our Admissions page to learn about the application requirements, deadlines, and to book a personal tour of the school.

Queen Margaret's School stands as a beacon of educational excellence in the heart of York and Yorkshire. Join us on a journey of academic discovery, personal growth, and lifelong friendships. Discover why our boarding school in this idyllic region is the ideal choice for your child's future.

Ready to learn more? Explore Queen Margaret's School and envision the extraordinary possibilities that await your child in the heart of York and Yorkshire.

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