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Whether you want to turn your hand to performing in our full-scale biannual productions or would prefer to work as part of our backstage crew, there are many opportunities to develop your skills, confidence and abilities.

Each year, at least two full-scale productions are staged - a Senior Production in the Autumn Term and a Junior Production in the Summer Term. The productions are always delivered to an exceptionally high standard and encourage girls from across the School to work together. This helps students to develop their teamwork skills, professionalism and artistic excellence. Recent productions have included Hetty Feather by Jacqueline Wilson and Blue Stockings by Jessica Swale which was commended on Twitter by the playwright herself.

QM’s stage crew welcomes those who want to learn the ropes and get involved behind the scenes with props, hair, make-up, lighting, costumes, cues and set management. By being a part of the stage crew, students grow in maturity, learn about personal responsibility, develop teamwork skills and demonstrate their ability to work independently, performing complex tasks to a high standard.

With outstanding facilities including the state-of-the-art Chapman Theatre, sound and lighting systems and carpenters’ workshop, Drama at QM is an outstanding opportunity for all and everyone is welcome to play a part.

Drama Activities

Drama Productions

QM puts on a series of shows each year, ranging from whole-school drama and musical theatre productions to junior and senior shows, drama picnics, and more.

The standard of each production is incredible, with professional costumes, sets, lighting, sound, and professional musicians to supplement our orchestra. Our Chapman Theatre is a fully equipped theatre that gives girls an experience like no other - the theatre itself is purpose-built for live productions and offers a full orchestra pit, digital sound, huge wings capable of handling enormous backdrops, and more.

Girls can audition to act on stage and the productions are open to everyone. For those who prefer to stay behind the scenes, our Backstage Arts Club offers first-hand experience in set design, live sound, lighting, and all of the other facets of professional theatre.

Backstage Arts Club

Backstage Arts refers to our behind-the-scenes activities in theatre, dance, music, and other performance arts. These arts play a crucial role in enhancing creativity and expression; for our club, this involves the lighting, audio, and stage management of stage productions at QM.

The club provides an outlet for our pupils to showcase their talents and express their ideas, which can be both therapeutic and empowering. Additionally, participating in Backstage Arts helps develop a range of skills including teamwork, communication, time management, and problem-solving.

The process of putting together a performance requires coordination and collaboration between pupils, teaching staff and technicians, which fosters a real sense of community and helps strengthen social bonds within the school.


Private LAMDA speech and Drama lessons are available at an additional charge. The sessions lead to examinations set by the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.

Encouraging students who want to stretch themselves further, these lessons build confidence, hone elocution, and develop physical creativity. LAMDA students meet weekly to develop their communication skills and prepare for an eventual examination in their chosen area.

Lessons are tailored to the student’s individual needs, focussing on supporting and strengthening communication skills and confidence. Succeeding in a LAMDA examination demonstrates that, not only have students met rigorous assessment criteria in a particular discipline, but also that they have grown as individuals through participating in a worthwhile activity that is respected internationally.

LAMDA examinations taken at Bronze, Silver and Gold level also carry UCAS Points, which will help students achieve a place at university.

Drama Scholars

Taking an active role within the department, Drama Scholars develop skills in performance, teamwork, creativity and independence whilst gaining a greater understanding of artistic practices and theatre management. Regular theatre trips and workshops help to stretch and challenge our Scholars further, so they feel supported in progressing in this artform.

Drama Outreach

The School recently welcomed Biddick Academy, who were studying Blue Stockings for their Drama GCSE. The students watched our performance and were encouraged to explore the set and themes in greater depth by trying on the costumes and performing on our stage. Our QM girls really enjoyed getting to work with Biddick Academy's pupils - sharing ideas about the production further supported their studies.

The Drama Teachers’ Working Party is a termly meeting for Drama Teachers from schools across Yorkshire. The group meet to discuss examination specifications, lead workshop ideas, develop resources, and share good practice. This ensures that the Drama Department at Queen Margaret's is always at the forefront of educational excellence.

Continually developing a strong relationship with primary schools across North Yorkshire, students are regularly invited to attend matinee performances of QM’s stage shows and take part in workshops with our pupils. This is a good opportunity to see the calibre of our students and the professionalism of the productions staged at QM. It also gives our students the opportunity to learn leadership skills when teaching younger students about Drama.

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It is vital to be able to work well in a team as theatre making is a collaborative process.

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