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Stand up for what you believe in and develop a love of learning

Spiritual, Moral and Cultural

QM encourages girls to stand up for what they believe in - whether that is speaking on stage about women's rights or encouraging green initiatives through involvement in the Environment Club.

Spiritual, Moral and Cultural Activities

Pride Club

Pride Club is a space that any student can utilise for support or education, for themselves or a friend. We try to theme certain days around awareness days or months, and aim to broaden Queen Margaret's understanding and tolerance for the LGBTQ+ Community.

This is a 'drop in' club, and requires nothing but an open mind and a supportive atmosphere!

Book Club - Junior

Years I-III have a chance to come along every Thursday lunchtime to read and discuss a chosen book. The book is chosen to reflect the interests of the group, and allows students a chance to explore literature that they wouldn't ordinarily have much chance to study within the curriculum. We read and discuss the book in a relaxed environment, and share the responsibility of reading around to enable everyone to get as involved as possible.

Classics Club

Available to Year IV and Year V students. Studying elements of the literature of Greece and Rome, and developing an understanding of their social, historical, and cultural contexts.

The club is a chance to explore the classical world in a more relaxed atmosphere through various activities.

Mandarin Chinese Club

In this lunchtime class, participants can learn basic Mandarin characters and daily expressions, talk about Chinese history and culture, practise calligraphy and Chinese painting, and make new friends who share interest in China and Chinese society.

British and international students are warmly welcome to join. It is a brilliant opportunity to broaden students' knowledge and perspectives on different aspects relating to China.

French and Spanish Culture

The Years I-III French and Spanish Culture Club meets every week. It is an opportunity to discover more about the varied cultures of French and Spanish speaking countries. Activities include exploring festivals, traditions and recipes, to inviting native speakers to share their personal experiences of the customs in their own countries.

Queen Margaret's Prince's Trust (QMPT)

Are you competitive, interested in enterprise and keen to further improve your skills in teamwork, communication, negotiation and financial management? If so, then the Queen Margaret's Prince’s Trust Challenge (QMPT) is for you.

Available to all girls in LVI, the challenge is to raise at least £2000 over a ten-week project. The process is competitive, with girls applying for posts and then selections made for various roles within the team. This business model provides an ideal vehicle to ‘learn by doing’.

The QMPT group meets each week during the autumn and spring terms, and much activity occurs outside of the meeting period as the team strives to do as well as it possibly can.

Queen's Society

The Queen’s Society is made up of the School’s Academic Scholars. The group meets four times each term for a variety of different activities. Sometimes members will give a presentation to the rest of the Society on a subject which interests them; sometimes they discuss an issue or an idea which has recently been in the news; sometimes they simply play a mind-stretching game.

Members of the Queen’s Society also take a lead in the fortnightly Scholars’ Talks. For these, girls research a topic of their choice, and deliver an online presentation for the rest of the School community to watch. There is then an opportunity for questions and answers, and for wider debate and discussion. The talks are recorded, and saved on the VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) so that they can be watched again. Talks this year have included an investigation of the role of women in the French resistance, a presentation on the Greek poet Sappho, and a discussion of What is Music? Although they are called Scholars’ Talks, these talks are very much for the whole School, and you do not have to be a Scholar to give one.

The Queen’s Society also hosts guest speakers as part of an ongoing program of lectures. Once again, everyone is welcome to attend, and it is always a pleasure to see girls attending for the sheer love of learning.

Environmental Council

As part of the Environmental Council, students from all year groups meet every month to identify ways in which we can live a greener life here at QM.

Last year's Clothes Swap events were a huge success and helped highlight the impact of fast fashion. Elsewhere, every student is now encouraged to carry a reusable water bottle to cut down our plastic waste on campus.

Plans for this year include applying to become an Eco School, which aims to improve our awareness of waste within school and damage to marine life.

National Council of Young Women

National Council of Young Women is the junior section of the National Council of Women GB - an organisation that highlights women's issues, researches how to improve them, and lobbies government to implement positive change.

Conferences and seminars are attended with the opportunity to speak on issues that focus on young women. Connect - Challenge- Change.

Voluntary Communion Service

Held weekly with the Chaplain, leading up to a service of Baptism and Confirmation within a celebration of Holy Communion.

When the Candidates were baptised, vows were made on their behalf the the parents and godparents. At their confirmation, these vows are taken again by the girls themselves.

Amnesty International

At QM Amnesty International focuses on addressing various human rights violations across the world. In the past, issues such as women’s rights, poverty and prisoners have been studied. Amnesty International never takes sides but always campaigns for human rights to be protected.

Previous campaigns to raise awareness comprise a variety of initiatives including thought-provoking assemblies and bringing in a car to highlight discriminating laws preventing women from driving in Saudi Arabia. Cloaks Corridor has, in the past, been transformed into a modern slum to raise awareness of how extreme poverty affects many people today and leads to horrific transgressions of basic human rights. Students decide which campaigns they wish to participate in and the way in which those campaigns are promoted. Involvement in Amnesty International counts towards completion of The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme. This group is open to all girls in Years V-UVI.

International Council

The International Council is made up of student representatives from each year group and from different countries, the International Prefect, a Deputy Head Girl and members of staff. The main purpose is to unite all international and British girls at QM. The Council aids integration and promotes cultural diversity and the interests and welfare of both international and British girls.

Through multicultural events and specific academic and enrichment projects, the International Council encourages cross-cultural awareness and interaction. It also provides a means of consulting and engaging with girls and advocates for their interests and needs.

Charity Council

Led by the Charity Prefect, the council organises charity fundraising events and activities across the School.

School Council

Led by the Head Girl, the Council meets every half term to discuss academic, pastoral and enrichment issues and put together ideas for the future of the School.

I love the mindfulness sessions as they make me aware of what's around me and help me to enjoy the moment.

QM Girl

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