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Open your mind, try new things and develop your passions


Our creative clubs will open your mind, encourage you to try new things and develop your passions. They also help to further support your academic studies.

Creative Activities

Art Prefect Club

An Art club for students, run by students. Art Prefect club is hosted by our UVI Art Prefect and is open to all year groups and abilities.

The club is a chance to have some creative fun in Art, without the constraints of being in a lesson directed by the 'grown ups'!

Teachers make sure the studios are safe, but otherwise let students enjoy the amazing facilities at QM. Participants are free to make their own artwork, led by our very capable, skillful, and dedicated Art Prefect.

Photography Club

You don't just take a photograph, you MAKE it. Come to Photography Club to build your skills for making great images.

From technical details to creative thinking, we will explore all the opportunities you have to use your camera - and your phone!

Photography is one of the four A Level Art subjects you can study at Queen Margaret's, so this club offers students a chance to build skills and enjoy the subject and consider if it is a good one for you at A Level.

Painting Club

Open to all year groups, Painting Club encourages students to work on their own personally motivated pieces. With the guidance of painting expert Mrs Colman, students are given the opportunity to hone skills and techniques in a range of paint media, from watercolour and acrylic to oil paint.

Fun warm-up activities get the creative juices flowing before embarking on more developed works. No prior experience or perceived skill needed - this is a chance to explore the wonderful medium of paint!


An exciting opportunity to study for the Leiths Introductory Certificate in Food and Wine. A comprehensive and exciting introduction to cooking giving you a thorough understanding of culinary techniques and the chance to explore the science behind them.

Available at Key Stage 5, girls will gain a valuable training in understanding recipes, time management, menu planning, and food preparation, along with food safety and hygiene. Gaining a solid practical foundation, as well as an impressive repertoire, girls will be able to cook confidently, either independently or in a group.

The course fulfils the requirements for the ‘New Skill’ section of The Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold Award, and is an ideal additional skill for the UCAS Personal Statement.

Book Club - Junior

Years I-III have a chance to come along every Thursday lunchtime to read and discuss a chosen book. The book is chosen to reflect the interests of the group, and allows students a chance to explore literature that they wouldn't ordinarily have much chance to study within the curriculum. We read and discuss the book in a relaxed environment, and share the responsibility of reading around to enable everyone to get as involved as possible.

Gardening Club

Whether you are already a green-fingered goddess or just curious about growing your own plants, get involved with Gardening Club for the chance to sow, tend and harvest your very own fruit and vegetables!

We are big into nature, and have great plans for our little garden and wildlife area, so come along and see what you can grow.

Life Drawing

LVI students studying A Level Art subjects are encouraged to take part in Life Drawing, providing them with the skill to observe and record the human body as a three-dimensional form.

This is a fundamental experience in every young artist's training, and it is a wonderful opportunity to explore this skill at Queen Margaret's alongside A Level projects. For those considering any creative pathway in the future, the Life Drawing is a highly encouraged and favoured component of the portfolio.

Science Club is so much fun. It's really 'hands-on' and the experiments help me to understand the theory!

QM Girl

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