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Develop camaraderie with your peers when creating and performing a show and improve your technique and understanding of dance.

Dance encourages each girl to use movement as a mode of expression and communication. It engages the physical, emotional and intellectual dimensions of the girls taking part.

Girls from all years showcase their dance talent in our annual Dance Show. Set in the impressive Chapman Theatre, the shows are an annual highlight for the entire QM Family and are a sparkling opportunity for girls to express themselves through dance in a variety of genres including Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap and Modern.

Dance Activities

Dance Lesson Tuition

Students are given the opportunity to develop their love of Dance in a safe environment and classes are tailored to individual needs. Grade and vocational examination classes can be taken and there are a range of different dance styles available - Ballet, Modern Theatre Dance, Contemporary/Lyrical, Tap, Street Dance and Hip Hop. These can be taken in small groups, as a pair, or individually as an extra subject.

There are also regular opportunities to take part in dance performances in School and at external events. In the classroom, girls work towards professional and internationally accepted qualifications, and creativity is encouraged through choreographic workshops. Performance is an integral part of dancing and all opportunities to perform are encouraged.

Outside the classroom, students can attend workshops and audition for dance events. Phoenix Dance and Northern Ballet are both local companies with outreach programmes and workshop opportunities. Girls have also attended events in London and further afield. Girls are encouraged to choreograph and explore their emotions through dance.

The Dance Department at QM has two dedicated dance studios which are equipped with full length mirrors, ballet bars and the provision of IT to facilitate teaching and learning. Students also have regular access to the Chapman Theatre.

The experience of doing the Dance Leadership Award has made me feel more confident for my next step in life at university. I’ve learnt to think on my feet and adapt to changing situations.

QM Girl

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