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Winning Designs

Art Scholars' Competition

Published 12th May 2022

Over the course of this academic year, QM's seven Art Scholars have been working on a special project to design the school planner cover for next year. The Scholars meet every other Wednesday after lessons and, under the guidance of Miss Porritt (Head of Art) and Mrs Sowden (Marketing Manager), the girls have developed their ideas for their planner covers from initial concepts to finished designs. They could use whatever art materials and medium they wished, as long as their design was to the correct size and left space to incorporate certain elements, such as the school logo.

Every year the school produces two planners; one for Years I-V and one for the Sixth Form. This meant that from the seven completed designs, two would be taken forward to production. It is the first time the planner cover has been designed by students; the planners are used daily by every girl in the school, so this was a prestigious opportunity for the Scholars. They all worked hard to incorporate elements of life at QM in their designs; some used the House colours, some showed activities such as riding and dancing, and some incorporated drawings of QM buildings in their designs.

The girls began this project in the Autumn Term and this week the winners were selected by Miss Porritt and Mrs Baillie.

We are delighted to share that the winning planner cover for Years I-V was designed by Darcy (Year IV) and the winning cover for the Sixth Form planner was designed by Ella (LVI). These designs were chosen for their vibrancy and the way that the energy of QM has been portrayed in them both.

"Like all good graphic designers, the girls carefully considered their target audience and client before creating their artwork. It is wonderful that there is so much variety in their outcomes to the brief. The selected designs really capture the ethos of Queen Margaret’s, with their vibrant colours and creative illustration style showing the school’s community and our girls’ sense of fun. It was great to see digital processes being used so confidently too. Well done to all the Art Scholars and especially Ella and Darcy."- Miss Sarah Porritt, Head of Art

The covers will now be professionally produced and all girls will be presented with their planners at the start of the new school year in September.

The winning cover for the Years I-V planner, designed by Darcy (Year IV)
The winning cover for the Years I-V planner, designed by Darcy (Year IV)
The winning cover for the Sixth Form planner, designed by Ella (LVI)
The winning cover for the Sixth Form planner, designed by Ella (LVI)

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