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Dance Show 2023

Alice in Wonderland

Published 24th March 2023

On Friday 17th and Saturday 18th March, the QM Dance Department hosted two magical performances of Alice in Wonderland.

As we followed the dancers down the rabbit hole, we saw a vast range of talent across all year groups.

“I am delighted to show off some photographs from last weekend's well-received Dance Performance. Alice was gentle and courageous, the White Rabbit wasn't late, and the Queen ruled supremely over the hedgehog and her flamingos.

The atmosphere backstage was one of camaraderie and, by the end of Saturday night, quite electric with happiness. Monday morning I had a queue of girls with suggestions for next year's performance, so watch this space…”

Alison Leadley, Head of Dance.

The off-stage talent was just as evident, with fantastic Catering at the Mad Hatter's Tea Party. QM Housekeeping and Estates also helped make the evenings even more magical. Lighting, sound and effects were professionally managed by theatre technician Nick Schneider and the Backstage Arts Club, while Kate Smith's imagination and talent ensured the costumes were just right. Hannah Priestley and Kathryn Hornby were very helpful with hairdressing support. Well done also to Jennifer (LVI) for the brilliant poster design that captured the magic of the show, and Cami for your makeup support.

One of QM's Sixth Form photographers Pau also provided some lovely artistic photos - taken in the moments while she wasn't dancing herself!

Credit to Sixth Form Photography student Pau for her amazing artistic photos below!

Here's the Mad Hatter's Tea Party created by the Catering Team.

And here's the whole cast...

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