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Business & Textiles Trip

Bella di Notte

Published 15th June 2022

Our Year IV Business and Textiles students recently went on a trip to visit a successful business in Yorkshire, founded by QM parent Mrs Susan Morley.

Grace W and Jess M (Year IV) told us all about it...

"On Friday 10th June, the Year IV Business and Textiles classes went on a trip to Bella di Notte, a mail-order fashion business run by Susan Morley.

Susan started her business from her kitchen table and has grown it into a very successful niche market business, selling lingerie, merino wool/silk thermals, and other premium quality clothing for women.

We got to see how the business theory that we have been learning about in class is used in a real-life business environment. We found out about the success of Bella di Notte as a flat organisation structure with good communication and motivation methods - it was obvious that she values her employees.

Mrs Morley spoke about her policy of offering flexible working contracts to her employees with every worker having an individual contract. We also got to experience the life of a garment, from design to delivering the product to the customer. We were able to talk to employees inside Bella di Notte and learn about their roles and the opportunities and challenges they faced in this business industry.

Everyone enjoyed themselves and it really helped our learning and inspired many of us. We would like to express our thanks to Susan and all her employees at Bella di Notte who took the time to spend with us."

Find out more | Bella di Notte

Business Trip - Bella di Notte
Business Trip - Bella di Notte

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