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Field Trips - Art and Geography

Field Trips

Published 8th June 2022

Both the Art and Geography departments recently went on field trips to expand their learning and gain new inspiration.


The LVI students studying creative Art subjects (Fine Art, Textile Design, Graphic Communication or Photography) recently took a trip to visit the Degree show at Leeds Arts University.

"It was a fabulous day with lots of inspiration for current projects and future HE course options." - Miss Sarah Porritt, Head of Art.

Ella, LVI Fine Art student and Art scholar, told us more about the day.

"On Tuesday, all the LVI Art students were given the amazing opportunity of visiting Leeds Arts University degree show and view the work done on the one-year Foundation course.

It was an eye-opening experience, getting to roam around massive halls and see the many variations of art subjects and art styles. The day provided good inspiration for our current A Level projects and showed us the endless amount of art paths we can choose from for the future; there's no way you couldn't fit in!

Each of us brought a sketchbook, so we were able to capture and sketch the things that inspired us most. The huge variety of ideas, media, and techniques showed us how none of the art students had been limited to a particular style. It was clear that each person had embraced their own original approach.

Whether they were strange, beautiful, scary, or confusing, the one thing they all had in common was that they were memorable and evoked an emotion in us, which is the main point of art... isn't it?"


Meanwhile, our Year IV Geography students visited Dalby Forest to investigate how a river changes downstream.

"The girls worked together to collect data, including measuring the river's width, depth, velocity, stone size, and stone roundness. This is a required part of the course, and the girls will be examined on their own fieldwork experience and unseen fieldwork in their final GCSE paper next year.

The girls worked hard all day despite cold hands in the river."

- Mrs Leyla Seeney, Director of Academic Department Development, Head of Geography

and Miss Fiona Whittle, Teacher of PE + Teacher of Geography

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