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UVI Introduction To Wine Course

Wine Appreciation Course

Published 1st March 2024

Over the past five weeks, a group of UVl students have been taking part in an introduction to wine course under the expert guidance of QM parent Kate Riall, who holds a Diploma in Wines & Spirits from the Wine and Spirit Education Trust in London.

Kate was a registered educator for the WSET for many years and is also a former Education Officer for the Yorkshire and North East Wine and Spirit Association. She has travelled the world throughout her career and is truly fascinating to listen to!

Kate illuminated the intricacies of wine appreciation, from deciphering labels to exploring wines of Europe and the New World, analysing climactic influences on grapes, and looking at protected geographic areas.

The students learned sensory analysis through viscosity, aroma, and, of course, tasting techniques. Several sessions enabled the girls to contrast wine varietals whilst deciphering individual characteristics and acidity.

The course concluded with a fascinating lesson on the joy of Champagne - from the invention of Champagne to discussion about the region, the hand-picked grapes, and the fermentation processes. We were then very lucky to taste Champagne alongside some sparkling wines and compare the flavours, acidity and bubbles.

The course has been amazing and we would all like to thank Kate for her generosity, sharing her expertise with us and making the sessions so much fun.

UVI Introduction To Wine Course

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