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Drama Production 2022

'Two' - Senior Drama Production

From Wednesday 30th November - Saturday 3rd December, QM's senior Drama students put on a fantastic run of 'Two' by Jim Cartwright. Published 5th December 2022.

For winter 2022, QM's senior drama production was the fantastic 'Two' by Jim Cartwright.

Parents, students and staff were moved by the vast range of emotions the girls conveyed on stage - from the heartwarming characters and moments of comedy to the more challenging material and an emotionally charged conclusion.

After a huge amount of hard work from the actors, stage production crew, director, and behind-the-scenes team, everyone agreed how moving the show was, including the Head Sue Baillie who managed to see it twice - candidly admitting her second viewing brought tears.

Well done all for a hugely successful show, with some wonderful talents on and off the stage.

Senior Drama Production 2022 - 'Two'

Well done to Pau for taking this selection of photos in-between her scenes in dress rehearsal! As well as acting in the play, Pau is an A Level Photography student who is now getting the chance to use QM's brand-new photography studio as part of her studies.

Message from the director

Mary Griffin, Director of Drama, wrote of how proud she was of the students and staff, both on-stage and off.

Two’ is one of those rare pieces of theatre which covers almost every genre and leaves you feeling as though you’ve watched ten different plays in one evening. It is an astounding piece of work which examines the core of what it means to be human and the vast experiences we each encounter in life.

Our girls have tackled this head-on and have loved exploring the highs and lows of each character’s journey. Every girl in this cast has impressed me (yet again!) with her compassion, understanding and willingness to ‘give it a go.’ Students have been pushed well out of their comfort zones as loud bolshy women, timid middle-aged men, pregnant victims of abuse, and elderly exhausted carers. What an array of talent!

It would be remiss of me not to mention the striking finale, which Freya and Rachael have brought to life so starkly and tenderly. We have two phenomenal actors in the making who are able to communicate deeply complex relationships and emotions far beyond their years.

Behind the scenes, I have been incredibly grateful to have the directorial assistance of our wonderful new Drama Teacher, Mrs Priestley, and the ever-supportive Mr Schneider, who has continued to lead the Stage Crew (which is rapidly growing in numbers every year!).

See the programme here | Two Senior Drama Production - Programme

Photo Galleries

These black & white photos from Nick Schneider (Technical Director and Theatre/Events Technician) really capture the '80s vibe!

See the rest of the cast and crew in action below.

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