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SIFLO Weekend Activities | 11th - 13th March

SIFLO January 2022

Published 16th March 2022.

Last weekend, many girls headed home for Leave Out (Exeat). For those who stayed in school for SIFLO (Stay In For Leave Out), the weekend was packed with fun activities.

Miss Bale tells us about the busy weekend...

On Friday night, we played Minigolf at The Hole in Wand - Wizard Golf. The "World’s Most Magical Golf Course".

We had a chinese takeaway that night.

On Saturday, the girls were set the challenge to create a Jubilee-themed pastry or cake, fit for a Jubilee street party.

They came up with their own recipes, researched the ingredients, and picked them up during a trip to Asda.

We then had a private chef come and cook a delicious three-course meal. Chef Luis gave tips to the girls and let them have a go at cooking.

During the evening we had table games and a no-phone rule which created a lovely environment.

SIFLO Weekend Review | 11th - 13th March

On Sunday, we went to Leeds and did the Ninja Warrior course which was great fun. The girls really got into it.

We then went to Leeds Trinity for some shopping and food before returning back to school.

A very busy weekend!

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