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SIFLO | November 2021

Stay in for Leave Out November 2021

As many girls returned home for November Leave Out (Exeat), our 'Stay in for Leave Out' students stayed on for a weekend full of exciting trips and activities... Published 2nd December 2021.

This November, our Stay In For Leave Out students had an exciting weekend full of activities. Christmas was definitely in the air as they visited Manchester Christmas Markets, bounced around at an inflatable theme park, saw the musical White Christmas at Palace Theatre, and then returned to York for bowling.

Here's a review from Pau in Year V:

This Leave Out weekend we (Years I through LVI) went to Manchester from Friday to Sunday. It was very fun to be with other year groups and get to know them.

On Friday we went to a Christmas Market in Manchester. I really loved to see the type of architecture Manchester has and how they decorate Christmas.

Then on Saturday we went to an inflatable park, Inflata Nation...

...followed by the Trafford Centre and the Palace Theatre to see White Christmas.

On Sunday we came back to York, and on our ride back something very magical happened... it suddenly began to snow and everything was covered in white. Monday was our last day - we went bowling and had fun playing!

I like how Leave Out lets overseas girls like me get to see new cultures and traditions. Leave Out makes a great experience to everyone because you get to not only know other people, but new cities and teachers. It is especially good to know that we are all a family.

Thank you Miss Bale, Miss McCreadie, Mrs Rowan, and Mr Hazlewood for making this experience happen!

Learn more about our weekend activities for students who stay at school during Leave Out (Exeat) here | Stay in for Leave Out

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