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Geography Trip - Iceland 2024

Iceland 2024

Published 16th February 2024

During the 2024 February Half Term holiday, our girls embarked on the trip of a lifetime to take in the sights of the Golden Circle in Iceland.

This beautiful country's breathtaking scenery, extreme cold, and fascinating geological makeup made for an unforgettable few days away.

Trip Blog

9th February

All arrived safely! The eruption subsided so we went to the Bridge Between Continents and Gunnuhver hot springs. After supper, a few braved the cold for a dip in the hotel hot tub. We're looking forward to a busy day tomorrow - Secret Lagoon and the Golden Circle.

10th February

Packed day. We started with a hot dip in the Secret Lagoon, then the Golden Circle. We saw the spectacular Gullfoss waterfall in the snow, before seeing the Great Geyser. A quick stop at an ice cream farm, followed by Þingvellir National Park. We finished the day with a quick trek to the local supermarket to stock up on snacks.

11th February

A change of plan today as it is too windy for our glacier walk. Fingers crossed for tomorrow. We are in Reykjavik, where we visited the Perlan experience and saw a fantastic volcano and aurora show. Off to the Lava tube later this afternoon...

...Some free time in Reykjavik this afternoon then to the Lava Tunnel. Awesome ice stalagmites and stalactites! Following the Aurora updates. Fingers crossed!

12th February

The first stop today was the Lava Centre, an interactive exhibition about recent eruptions, and then on to visit the Snout at Sólheimajökull glacier followed by a quick shopping stop in Vik. Vik is the most southerly settlement in Iceland.

Then we went to see the impressive basalt columns and destructive waves at Reynisfjara - the black beach. On our way back we stopped at Skogafoss and Seljalandsfoss waterfalls.

Another fantastic full day of seeing this breathtaking island.

A huge thank you to Ian our guide Rayburn Tours and Halldor (Tori), our fabulous unflappable coach driver, for keeping us all safe and informed

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