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New Year's Music Concert 2024

Music Concert & The Lost Sock

Published 15th January 2024

Just one week into the spring term of 2024, the Music Department hosted an extraordinary concert that left the Chapel resonating with applause from parents, students, and staff alike. The performances came from the Chamber Choir, Barbershop Quartet, Orchestra, Wind Band, Percussion Group, and Cantiamo junior choir, creating an eclectic evening of talent that served as a spectacular welcome to the new year.

Following these wonderful performances, the theatre stage was set for QM's fabulous funk & soul band, The Lost Sock. Featuring a cohort of upper Sixth Form students, the evening was bittersweet, marking one of the final outings for this talented group before they embark on new adventures. Several younger students joined the band for the final numbers, like the passing of the musical torch and the hope for The Lost Sock to continue its legacy in the upcoming years.

Special commendations are due to Ninan, Georgia, and Ariana for capturing the essence of The Lost Sock through their excellent photos.

As we applaud the success of this concert, we look forward with anticipation to more musical highlights throughout the school year. A heartfelt thank you to everyone involved, from the performers to the Music department and visiting music teachers, for making this event an unforgettable celebration of music and talent.

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