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Pitlochry House | Posted 20.05.2014

Pitlochry Comes Joint Top in Senior Masterchef!

Unlike the usual Sundays where the Art Block is empty and quiet, this Sunday everything was different. Smoke was coming out from the food technology room – it was time for Senior House Master Chef. Under the guidance and supervision of Miss Rickard, 6 pairs of girls were all aiming for one thing only—to impress the ultimate of judges, Mrs Cameron. It all started off very cool, as everyone set out, weighed and eventually cooked their ingredients but with 5 minutes to go before the judging there was some very frantic rushing around trying to get all their dishes finished on time.
Thankfully, everyone made it to the end without anything blowing up and the results were delicious, tantalizing all the right taste buds.
Thank you to Miss Rickard for organising the event, Miss Cameron for her brilliant judging and everyone who took part – your food was amazing.