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Academic | Posted 07.02.2017

Candle Conference

Last week the LVI Philosophy and Ethics group had the opportunity to attend a Candle Conference in York which offered a rich learning experience for everyone involved. The girls really enjoyed this intensive event which explored a number of big questions in Philosophy and Ethics. The speakers were Dr Peter Vardy and Dr David Webster who both focussed on topics that were central to the new A Level specification. The sessions included:

  • – Arguing for God
  • – The Problem of Evil and Suffering
  • – Religious Experiences
  • – Natural Law
  • – Debate: “This house sees legalising Euthanasia as the most loving response to suffering!”

The girls were enthused by the talks and were able to build on their existing subject knowledge in order to develop a deeper understanding of these topics. With over 250 students and in excess of 20 schools in attendance, we were able to share in the knowledge and expertise of the speakers. The girls made some valuable contributions to the debate highlighting their own knowledge and confidence in the material being discussed. A very beneficial day was had by all.