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Personal Training

Personal Training is available to all girls in Years III-UVI at QM. The sessions we offer provide holistic health and fitness strategies that are tailored to the needs of each individual girl.

The philosophy behind Personal Training at QM is to motivate and inspire the girls to take the necessary steps and accountability towards a healthier lifestyle. This is achieved through the delivery of supervised fitness programmes, ensuring that every girl has the opportunity to achieve her own personal health and fitness goals.

Our Head of Personal Training, Steven Alpine-Eales, has spent many years involved in performance development coaching; he is a professionally REPS (Register of Exercise Professionals) registered and qualified Level 4 accredited Strength & Conditioning Coach, Level 4 Advanced Personal Trainer and Level 4 Exercise Specialist. Steven has successfully led the annual Strength and Conditioning coaching programme for all of QM’s Senior Team squads and Sport Scholars for several years.

The School has a specially designed Personal Training studio, from which the girls are offered professional coaching and guidance in many key areas of health related fitness including sports performance conditioning, nutrition and weight management strategies, strength development, movement stabilisation and metabolic conditioning.

Girls can have individual, pair or small group Personal Training sessions delivered throughout the year that are designed to fit with and complement their academic life. Girls do not need to be sporty to participate, but instead simply want to commit to the development of their personal health and fitness.