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Leading positive mental health

Wellbeing Champions

QM takes the mental health of our girls very seriously which is why we have just appointed our first ‘Wellbeing Champions’.

The new initiative encouraged our girls to come forward and apply to become one of ten new Wellbeing Champions, responsible for taking the lead in positive mental health across their year group.

In order to become a Wellbeing Champion the girls are now undergoing six weeks of training, whereby they come together, virtually, every week and work their way through a range of units. These units include ‘The role of the Wellbeing Champion,’ along with areas such as ‘Safeguarding’ and ‘Active Listening Skills.’ As part of their first training session, the girls had to make a vlog to examine how they have been keeping themselves mentally healthy in lockdown, and what advice they would give to a friend about maintaining positive mental health.

Wellbeing Champions

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