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Enrichment Week 2023

Enrichment Week

Published Friday 7th July 2023

Every year at QM, the last week of the summer term is Enrichment Week. It is a week packed full of different activities, designed to enhance the educational experiences of our girls and allow them valuable opportunities which do not fit into the traditional academic timetable.

This week's jam-packed itinerary included a musical theatre workshop with West End theatre performer Zoe Curlett, teamwork challenges with the Army Youth Outreach Team, science-themed 'Escape Rooms', Eden Camp Modern History Museum, a jewellery making workshop, The British Museum London, a dance workshop, Beamish Open Air Museum, a French and Spanish cultural experience, cake decorating, a trip to Flamborough, and fun at the seaside in Scarborough.

Musical theatre workshop

Mrs Priestley told us about a wonderful opportunity for our girls interested in musical theatre...

Some of our Year I, Year III, Year IV and LVI girls were given the wonderful opportunity to be involved in a musical theatre workshop, which was run by Zoe Curlett, a West End performer. Zoe, who has a delightfully colourful and impressive CV, (she performed in 'Cats' and 'Phantom of the Opera' in leading lady roles, to name but a few) propelled the girls into exciting workshops based on the musicals, 'Mamma Mia' and 'Wicked'. The girls were introduced to dance and singing techniques and explored some of the scripts from the shows.

The girls then ended the day by showcasing the musical number that they had been directed in, which included joyous choreography, ensemble work, soloist singing and acting. The LVI were even treated to a rendition of 'Think of Me' by Zoe, who as a soprano singer, wowed the girls with her performance.

The girls were invited to take part in a question-and-answer session with Zoe, which provided them with a wealth of knowledge. This rare opportunity was particularly valuable to the students who are considering a career in the performing arts.

Following the workshop, one student was so inspired that she even decided to change her GCSE options and take drama next year! Jen Foster stated that "After not having much interest in musical theatre, (looking more into a singing career) I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and feel I have gained a much better understanding of performing and how to engage an audience. Thank you."

It really was a truly enriching experience for all of those involved.

Years I and II took part in a science-themed 'Escape Room'.

Mrs Viant taught LVI how to make jewellery...

Year II got involved with in Food Tech, creating focaccia bread, decorated muffins, and Strawberry Pavlova. "It was busy and the students were amazing!"

The Army Youth Outreach Team visited QM to host teamwork challenges for Year IV, whilst also giving our girls an insight into career options after school.

Year III had visits to Scarborough, Flamborough, and Ulrome.

Years I and II had a French and Spanish cultural experience.

Year IV took a trip to the British Museum. Evi (LVI) told us more...

"This Tuesday, four Sixth Formers gatecrashed the Year IV Classicists’ trip to the British Museum, where we had the opportunity to view many interesting things, from specialised exhibits to being able to explore the museum on our own and discover items from many varied cultures.

The exhibits that we went to see ranged from Persia and Greece to 19th-century China, which everybody enjoyed very much. Then we were able to explore all of the other rooms in the museum and hopefully found something that would aid our studies, no matter from Year IV all the way up to Lower Sixth – especially since the museum contained some primary sources included in the Sixth Formers’ Classics work.

This was a very educational and enjoyable trip for all, and we would like to say a huge thank you to Mrs Colman, Mr Grant, Miss Kckay, and Ms Porritt, and to all of the staff involved."

British Museum Trip - Enrichment 2023

Year III visited Eden Camp Modern History Museum...

Years I & II visited Beamish Open-Air Museum

Our girls spent this week making wonderful memories with their friends before the summer holidays. With Sports Day following on Thursday, plus the final Mark Reading assembly and Speech Day, the last week of term at QM is a buzzing one - what a way to finish!

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