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QMPT 2023 Presentation Evening

QMPT 2023

Published 23rd June 2023

This week was the end-of-year presentation evening for QMPT. Queen Margaret's Prince's Trust (QMPT) is an opportunity for two teams of Sixth Formers to raise money for the Prince's Trust Charity through entrepreneurial endeavours. The teams take turns for half of the academic year each to raise as much money as they can by fundraising, selling clothing, and through whatever other creative business activities they can imagine.

Harriette (LVI) told us more...

QMPT presentation night

On Tuesday night, the two teams from QMPT (a young enterprise opportunity for LVI students) took part in a presentation evening, showcasing their time as young entrepreneurs who both attempted to raise the largest amount of money for the Prince’s Trust Charity (a charity that helps young people aged 11-30 get into education and training).

My team (QMPT Storm) was active in the Spring term of this year and was the first team to showcase our achievements on Tuesday evening. Our greatest attainment was undeniably our profit where we managed to raise over £1000 for charity, but also, the experience and team skills we gained were incredibly valuable. To reach our profit we held bake sales, raffles, and movie nights and sold sweets and t-shirts and trackies, both with our custom lightning bolt on the back. Although we were very happy with our final outcome, it was worth mentioning in our ‘what could have gone better’ slide that it is very important to read the instructions on things as it could have saved us a large amount of time!!

The second team to display their work was QMPT Gaia, which was working during the winter term of this academic year. They too sold sweets and held bake sales and raffles, but unfortunately were not able to release a ‘main’ product due to manufacturing problems. In spite of this setback, the team still managed to achieve an impressive £600 which will all be donated to the Prince’s Trust. A stand-out point from the presentation evening of QMPT Gaia was the incredible artwork which advertised their events and was hand drawn by one of their members - this I have to say left everyone speechless!

Overall, I think we have all found QMPT greatly helpful in improving our management, organisation and communication skills and it will definitely be an experience we will never forget!

Thank you so much to Miss Tyler, who helped us run meetings and also to everyone that bought our products - without you we (literally) couldn’t have done it!

Also, thank you so much to Mrs Derrig for organising the presentation evening, it was great to celebrate everyone’s achievements and conclude QMPT!

Prince's Trust 2023

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