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Published Friday 5th May 2023

Freya PP (Year IV) - Badminton Horse Trials

"Huge congratulations to Freya (Year IV) who competed at the Badminton Horse Trials with her pony over these past few days. They competed in the Grassroots BE90 National Eventing finals.

This is not only a fabulous achievement, but also an amazing experience to ride around a world-renowned estate which hosts the 5* eventing event this weekend. I look forward to speaking with Freya about this once she returns to school."

- Mrs Rastall

Upcoming Sports Social

A reminder for parents and family members to sign up for the upcoming “Sports Social Event” on Saturday 24th June, featuring a parents/daughters tennis competition and a rounders/cricket match. We welcome all abilities and it does not matter if you are a beginner or haven’t picked up your sports kit since you were at school… the more the merrier! Please do get involved and come and have some fun (sign up forms on the Parent Portal).

Pre Season 2023

After the success of Pre-Season Training last year, we will once again be having Pre-Season Training for all girls at the end of the Summer Holiday before we begin the new academic year - during the week commencing Monday 28th August. This will be open to ALL girls, no matter their experience or playing ability. Further information and a sign-up will follow in the coming weeks.

Saturday 29th April

TENNIS: U14A vs St Peter's

Score: Won 7-2

The U14 A team played superbly against St Peter's on Saturday. Francesca and Celia played fantastically together, winning all three of their matches 6-0, 6-0 and 6-1. Well done!

Annabelle and Elena also managed three wins of 6-0, 6-1 and 6-2: a fantastic performance and a lovely pairing!

A big well done must go to Anna and Hortense who had some really close matches and worked super hard, especially as they had never played together before and Hortense has only just arrived at QM. They managed to win one of their matches 6-2 and had tough battles with the other two pairs, but they did themselves and their team so proud, securing a lovely 7-2 win for the team!

TENNIS: U14A vs St Peter's

TENNIS: U14B vs St Peter's

Score: Won 5-1

The U14 B team had a tough challenge on Saturday and some alterations to their matches, but they rose to the occasion really well.

Bronwyn and Heidi won both of their matches 6-4 and 6-2: a great achievement! Esther and Belle worked really hard and, after a loss in their first game, managed to work even harder in their second match, securing a 6-3 win.

Izzy and Paula also snuck in two wins of 6-1 and 6-0 to leave QM victorious with a 5-1 win overall. Well done to the young team in their first tennis fixture of the term!

TENNIS: U18 National Championships v Woodhouse Grove

The team of Lauren, Bonnie, Florence and Elsa took to the tennis courts to compete in singles and doubles, being the best of three sets.

In the singles, all worked very hard playing some excellent tennis, with rallies stretching their opponents. Bonnie and Elsa won, with Lauren unluckily being one set all and losing on a championship tiebreak.

They were 2 -2 matches each with the doubles yet to go on, and both our pairs made extremely light work to take the match to a 4-2 win and through to the final round before the playoffs. Well played everyone!

TENNIS: U14 v Hymers


A Team Won 8-1

B Team Won 5-4

Well played to the U14 Tennis teams, with our A team winning 8-1 and our B team winning 5-4. Congratulations on your consistent play in doubles games.

Wednesday 3rd May

Omnikin Internal Tournament

On Wednesday night, our Omnikin players were given the opportunity to win House points in a twist on our House competitions.

Each team was made up of multiple houses, with everyone on the winning team given 5 house points. It was a real nail-biter with the Red team being behind the Blue and Green by 11 points in the first period.

Green and Blue were fighting getting ahead of each other back and forth for the full second period, while Red sneakily caught up to the top two teams.

In the third period, scores only got tighter and tighter until the last 4 minutes when things became neck and neck at 70-all. In the last minute-and-a-half, a few miss-hits allowed the Red team to get a lead, leaving the final score as 74 Red, 73 Green and 71 Blue.

It was an extremely quick and professional match, and well done to the Red team of Niamh PH, Zoe VF, Nusy H, Kelly L, Michelle W and Cami L. A big shout out to Hana (LVI) for getting Player of the Tournament as well - a fantastic performance.

Wednesday 3rd May Omnikin Internal Tournament

Sports and Physical Education Enrichment

At QM, we have a huge range of enrichment activities for sports and physical education. From lacrosse to hockey, netball, running club, football, swimming, lifeguarding, and much more.

Click below to see the 2022/23 activities you can get involved in.

Upcoming Fixtures

For anyone wanting a challenge, Mrs Rastall will be undertaking the Swimathon Challenge in May, swimming 30.9km - or 1,236 lengths of a 25m Pool - that's around 1.82km every day for 17 days in a row.

The Swimathon event actually takes place over the Leave Out weekend - 6th - 8th May, however Mrs Rastall is keen to see girls getting in our own wonderful pool during lunchtimes or the Swim Club sessions to take on a challenge for themselves - from 400m, 1,5km, 2.5km, 5km or even a team 1.5km or 5km.

Wednesday, 10 May 2023

  • Tennis Fixtures
    • Girls-U18A vs St Peter's School, York Details

Saturday, 13 May 2023

  • Rounders Fixtures
    • Girls-U15A vs The Grammar School at Leeds Details
    • Girls-U14A vs The Grammar School at Leeds Details
    • Girls-U13A vs The Grammar School at Leeds Details
    • Girls-U12A vs The Grammar School at Leeds Details
  • Tennis Fixtures
    • Girls-U15A vs The Grammar School at Leeds Details
    • Girls-U14A vs The Grammar School at Leeds Details
    • Girls-U13A vs The Grammar School at Leeds Details
    • Girls-U12A vs The Grammar School at Leeds Details

Click here to see the archive of past Sports Reviews.

Your Sporting Stories

If you have any summer sporting success stories we would love to hear them. There is so much talent at QM and we love to celebrate your achievements outside school with the QM Family. Be sure to share your news with the Sports Department or email

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