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Christmas Dinners - UVI Drinks and the Orchestra Party

Christmas Dinners

Published 9th December 2022

The QM Catering Team and Housekeeping have been incredibly busy as the term ends! As well as their usual fantastic array of meals, decorations, trees, and a Christmas lunch for staff and students, they’ve also catered for the UVI Christmas meal and drinks, as well as a dinner for members of the orchestra.

Claire Nadin, Senior Sixth Form Tutor, commented,

“On Tuesday Evening, the UVI girls all dressed in their finery and looked very elegant. We had the traditional Christmas Carols on the red stairs; where the singing rivalled the Chamber Choir! We would like to thank the Catering and Housekeeping staff who excelled at providing the girls with a fantastic meal, drinks and Christmas atmosphere. A good time was had by all and it was great to see the girls having a fun time at the end of a very busy term and their last Christmas at QM.”