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Sunflower Competition

Summer Sunflowers

Published 1st July 2022.

At the beginning of this term, QM's Environment Prefect Hattie (UVI), along with Bronwyn (Year I), Mrs Stewart, and the Environmental Council launched a sunflower competition for staff and students. The challenge: to grow the tallest sunflower before the end of the academic year!

Participants collected seeds, pots and soil from the QM garden on 17th May, and set about nurturing them into saplings and stalks in whichever manner they felt would secure a prize-winning entry.

Sunflower Competition
Early days

Over the past few weeks, some impressive towering stalks and a variety of pots were seen decorating QM, both inside and outside. Amongst others, plants were spotted in the middle of the Art block, in the window of the Centenary building, and in the Admissions office.

The adjudicating took place this week, both in-person and via remote measurement.

A strict soil-to-extended-stem measuring procedure was adhered to, which left some of the spectators shocked by the final results: looks can indeed be deceiving, showing the importance of fair sporting adjudication!

Well done to all who entered and we hope you continue to cultivate your sunflowers during the summer holiday.

Student winner: Matilda (Year I) - 61.5 cm

Staff winner: Mrs Claire Rowan - 70cm

Mr Nick Montgomery - 50cm

Mrs Camila Piccolo Lawrance - 50cm

Miss Alice Kirkup - 52cm

Miss Sarah Porrit - 52cm

Heidi (Year I) - 44cm

Amelia (Year I) - 55cm