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Enrichment Week 2022

Enrichment Week

Published 29th June 2022.

Every year at the end of the summer term, QM runs a full week of enrichment activities.

This year, for the Enrichment Week residential, many girls travelled to Snowball Plantation just outside of York where they embarked on two days of adrenaline-fueled activities, before visiting North Yorkshire Water Park the next day for even more fun.

Here's a write-up from Charlotte and Kitty:

This week we had the pleasure of taking part in activities over the course of the school residential.

On Monday, we left school to go to Snowball Plantation for a series of activities and a night of camping. We spent our days doing tasks like AAA(air rifles, archery and axe throwing), fire lighting, tower challenge, problem-solving and zorbing. Our favourite activity was zorbing as it gave us loads of energy to keep going and made us laugh when people got knocked down.

On Monday night, some people had the choice to camp or stay in The Lodge. Many of the younger girls opted to camp out, which was an interesting experience. They managed to keep the teachers on their toes by making some absurd animal noises, resulting in some very happy teachers.

The tasks were set up as a competition, collecting points for how well your team did and extra points for enthusiasm, which all led up to the award ceremony on Wednesday afternoon.

Everyone was very competitive but sadly lost out to team 1B, who was by far the best team - not being biased at all...

After leaving the campsite on Tuesday, we arrived back at school to a huge game of archery tag. Everyone enjoyed the game apart from when they found out that they lost to team 1B, again.

On Wednesday we set off to the North Yorkshire Water Park, where we spent time doing activities like the inflatable aqua park, paddle boarding and a zip wire across the lake. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day and there were smiles all round.

Everyone got stuck in and made the most of the experience, even when their tents flooded. Even though we had some rain on Monday, it didn’t affect our spirits and we all enjoyed our time away from school.

We would like to thank the teachers and the monster adventure team for setting this whole experience up for us!