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Young Musician of the Year Competition

Published Friday 1st April 2022.

This week heralded the return of QM’s annual Young Musician of the Year competition. Over the course of a week, the competition saw more than 60 performances from musicians of all abilities across all year groups in the school.

In this annual favourite, there are Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced categories, and a winner is crowned for each. From woodwind and brass, to strings and singing, an array of musical talent has been on display all week. All participating girls receive individual feedback, and as well as the category winners, highly commended awards are also given for special performances.

The competition culminated on Thursday in the much anticipated Advanced category final, which was open to the QM Family and adjudicated independently with great skill and sensitivity by Vicky Lloyd, Music Lead at The Froebelian School.

After an evening of breathtaking performances, Ava L (UVI) was ultimately crowned Young Musician of the Year 2022 for her performance of Herbstlied by Mendelssohn. Vicky Lloyd praised the evenness of tone that Ava produced throughout her vocal range, as well as the way in which she communicated her love of singing to the audience during the performance.

The evening also featured performances by the overall winners of the Elementary and Intermediate rounds, Belle (piano) and Lucinda (clarinet).

Special thanks go to Mr Dearsley for accompanying the performers throughout the week.

Following the Young Musician of Year Competition, musicians from across the school met in the Wenlock Library for the annual Music Dinner where much laughter and fun was shared!

Congratulations to all of the students who took part. Here is the list of winners:


Overall winner - Piano & Percussion: Belle (Year II)

Instrument category winners:

  • Strings: Emelia (Year III)
  • Woodwind & Brass: Vanessa (Year V)
  • Voice: Martina (Year II)


Overall winner - Woodwind & Brass: Lucinda (Year V)

Instrument category winners:

  • Piano & Percussion: Michelle (Year V) and Lena (LVI)
  • Strings: Michelle (Year V) and Zoe (Year V)
  • Voice: Lucinda (Year V)

Advanced Final, Young Musician of Year 2022: Ava (UVI) - Voice

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