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Stay In For Leave Out

SIFLO January 2023

Published 3rd February 2023

As many girls returned home for the January Leave Out weekend (Exeat), many of our boarders stayed at QM for a weekend jam-packed with activities!

Here's a review from Winnie's Housemistress Miss Bale.

Another successful weekend away for the Stay in for Leave Out girls.

We stayed in York on Friday with a Nando's takeaway and a very competitive game of bowling (mainly the staff!).

On Saturday morning we all got on the coach to Liverpool where we got to stay at the Hilton Hotel - this was a highlight for all!

Whilst in Liverpool we enjoyed meals out, lots of shopping, sightseeing, and two museums, and we even managed to squeeze in some delicious desserts. The majority of the girls also joined in with the VR experience which was great fun.

We returned to school on Sunday evening. It was safe to say we were all exhausted, so enjoyed a Chinese takeaway followed by an early night.

On Monday we had a very relaxed morning and then got to make our own pizzas in the food room - some much more successful than others but still rather tasty!

A few girls still fancied a bit of shopping, so we made a quick trip to the York Designer Outlet and collected supper to finish off the weekend!

A big thank you to the staff involved in making it so successful again!

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