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Entrance Assessment Day 2022

Welcoming New Girls to QM

Published 21st January 2022

Entrance Assessment Day took place this week, and we warmly welcomed the future students of Queen Margaret's.

While the main aim of the day is for girls to complete their entrance exams and sit an interview with a member of the Senior Leadership Team, we also make sure that they have a fun-filled day!

It's a chance to form new friendships with future classmates in their year group, and get a taster of what Queen Margaret's is all about.

Head Sue Baillie reflected, "I was delighted to meet so many fabulous girls at our Assessment Day. It is one of the privileges of my job to meet girls at the start of their QM journey and to begin to get to know them, my only sadness was that the interviews had to be so short, we could have chatted for hours!"

During the day, the girls took part in activities for drama, sport, and art. Below you can see some of the work they created in art, including continuous line portraits of their new friends, mono-prints of abstract shapes, patterns and textures, and Pop-Art-meets-Pointilism with celebrity portraits.

Assessment Day is an important stage in joining Queen Margaret's, and we wish the girls every success with their applications.

The Head, Admissions Team, Senior Leadership Team, and school staff were all delighted to meet the girls and help give them a taste of the QM Experience.

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