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The week in sport

Sports Review

End of term review. Updated Friday 17th December 2021

Read the latest sporting results from Queen Margaret's, as well as an end-of-term report and video from the Sports Department!

End of term report from Anne Davies, Director of Sport.

As the term came to an end, Wednesday saw us attend our Mark Reading [a celebration of individual achievements]. With help from Rebecca (Sports Monitor | Year IV), Ellie (Sports Prefect | UVI), the senior captains, and of course Miss Bale (our techno wizard), we compiled an end-of-term video which showed clips of how much enjoyment, teamwork, competition and engagement had taken place this term [you can watch this below].

The adrenaline returned to us all as we were back playing fixtures with parents and grandparents watching from the sidelines as the girls took to the field of play. The buzz around school on such days is great to be a part of, so thank you all for making it a normal and special term.

We competed well in all fixtures, and some girls still had opportunities to represent county, regional and national squads in Hockey, Swimming, Netball and Lacrosse this term.

Our two QM Mavericks teams got back to their playing ways in the local York Leagues, featuring QM students playing alongside a number of PE staff which is wonderful to see as they play together in the same teams; how special that must be.

We also hosted many tournaments - it was wonderful to see Escrick Park full once again.

Thank you to the girls who send in reports of their successes outside of school - we have some talented riders out there! I know we also have surfers, skiers, climbers, BMX cyclists and so many more... so please share your stories and photos with us so we can celebrate what you do, both inside and outside of school.

Our Swimming girls have a 100% record, as well as our very strong Badminton team. All girls have had the opportunities in lessons to work on skills and team-play, and it has been so lovely seeing girls pop up with new ideas and engaging with all that we have to offer here at QM.

Omnikin has been really popular, and a big thanks to Mr Alpine Eales for allowing us to use his 'new fitness toys' - I'm sure there will be more to come next term. A gig shout-out for our amazing UVI... you are a truly amazing group and you have done me proud this term, and a big thanks to all our fantastic senior captains... you are legends!

Have a wonderful Christmas wherever that may be, and let's hope and pray for a great and healthy 2022. 'Nadolig Llawen i chi gyd'.

Anne Davies

Queen Margaret's Boarding School Sports - 2021 Review

Sports Fixtures

Saturday 11th December

LACROSSE fixtures vs Withington

Saturday saw a mixed team of Year IV and III girls taking to the field for a match versus Withington.

I was impressed with how the girls worked together and encouraged each other. The Year III girls looked nervous and a little shy to begin with, but they soon got involved and showed some quality skills.

Pick of Year III for me was Lucy and Immi. Imi had only donned the GK kit a few weeks ago in lessons and, due to illness and injury, stepped up at the last minute to play for the school, but also against an older age group of experienced players. A remarkable feat and a big well done... you were very brave and very loud!

The Year IV girls showed resilience and gave as good as they got. Some very good play in defence by Ilaria and Eve, whilst the middle of the pack saw the experience of Elsa aided by gritty performances form Rebecca and Olivia.

Even though the score line did not reflect the game, it was clear the experience of their GK made a difference to the eventual result. Big thanks to many girls who came out to support, and of course your lonely parents and grandparents who I think enjoyed the hot drinks on the sideline.

Anne Davies, Director of Sport

LACROSSE: U13 vs Withington

Score: 8-8

Player of the Match: Isabel (Year II)

The first lacrosse match of the year for the Year II's was a big one. Despite the cold weather, the girls worked really hard with some lovely passes being linked throughout the pitch. The girls had many chances against Withington's keeper, managing to put away eight goals in total over the course of the game with Poppy (Year II) getting half of them. The level of skill the girls had was really strong and they should be proud of their performance. Well done team.

LACROSSE: U12 vs Withington

Score: Lost

Player of the Match: Grace (Year I)

The U12s took on Withington with most team members only having had three months of lacrosse practice under their belt. The girls worked hard and started to pick up more and more lacrosse elements as the game went on. This resulted in Grace getting a goal towards the end of the match which was well deserved. By playing in different positions and having loads of movement to support each other, the game ended up being a great learning experience for the girls as they look forward to more lacrosse in the new year. Well done girls.

Queen Margaret's Boarding School Lacrosse vs Withington

Other news

The Year II girls Celia & Fran represented North Yorkshire Hockey at the Academy Centre Competition today on Saturday 11th December.

They both played superbly - well done!

Queen Margaret's Year II girls, Celia & Fran, representing North Yorkshire Hockey at the Academy centre competition

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Players of the Week

Stars of the week: Izzy R ( Year II), Izzy H (Year II), Sophia (Year II), Imogen (Year III).

Most Improved: Sadie (Year I), Heidi (Year I), Poppy (Year II), Freya (Year II)

Team of the week: U13 Lacrosse & Staff Hockey

Upcoming Fixtures

Tuesday 11th January 2022

Mavericks B Netball

Mavericks A Netball

Thursday 13th January 2022

U15 Yorkshire Lacrosse Training

Saturday 15th January 2022

U12- U15 Netball Internal matches

U15B VII Netball V Ampleforth College

U15A VII Netball V Ampleforth College

1st VII Netball v Ampleforth

3rd VII Netball V Ampleforth College

U14B VII Netball V Ampleforth College

2nd VII Netball V Ampleforth College

U13 VII Netball v Ampleforth College

U14A VII Netball V Ampleforth College

Sunday 16th January 2022

U15 County Lacrosse Tournament

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