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QM Students Reach the UK Top-10% in Computational Thinking

The Bebras Challenge 2021

Published 17th December 2021

At the start of this half term, all girls in Years I - III took part in the Bebras Challenge. This is a national computational thinking challenge which tests logical and analytical problem solving skills.

We are delighted to announce that 12 QM girls achieved a Gold Award. These awards are given to those that achieved a score in the top 10% of the country.

Year I students took part in the Juniors category, with 87,115 students nationally. Years II and III took part in the Intermediate category with 155,818 students across the country.

With such high numbers of students competing, to come in the top 10% really is an achievement worth celebrating!

Congratulations to:

  1. Beatriz (Year I)
  2. Hannah (Year III)
  3. Scarlet (Year III)
  4. Amanda (Year III)
  5. Charlotte (Year III)
  6. Larissa (Year III)
  7. Cindy (Year III)
  8. Polly (Year III)
  9. Poppy (Year II)
  10. Blanca (Year II)
  11. Belle (Year II)
  12. Sophie (Year II)

- Mr Jon Witts | Director of Digital Strategy

How does Bebras work?

The Bebras Challenge is a 40-minute test, but one where the entrant is not expected to finish. It is organised in over 50 countries and aims to promote computer science and computational thinking.

The test questions are focused on computational and logical thinking, and only require thinking skills to complete.

Learn more about UK Bebras - featuring learning resources, the Bebras App, and more.

Discover the BBC Introduction to computational thinking.

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