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Theatre Trips 2
Drama | Posted 05.12.2016

Theatre Trips: ‘Spamalot’ and ‘Blood Brothers’

80 girls from Years III to UVI and 16 staff recently took over the Grand Circle at the Grand Opera House in York to see Pick Me Up Theatre’s new production of ‘Spamalot’. For many of the girls it was their first introduction to the absurd and hilarious world of Monty Python’s Flying Circus in general and Eric Idle’s wild imagination in particular (it is no coincidence that Idle makes a digital appearance as God) and now they will want to find out more.

King Arthur, played by QM Director of Theatre Nick Lewis, received a huge cheer from the Grand Circle on his first entrance: appreciation which he subsequently earned by leading the company so expertly and entertainingly throughout the evening. Strong support was provided by George Stagnell, Joe McNeice and Emily Ramsden (what a voice!) and the ensemble which threw itself into the evening with gay abandon. The whole thing was a riot from beginning to end.


In a different trip, 50 girls were accompanied by staff to a performance of ‘Blood Brothers’ at York Theatre Royal. This reliably engaging production is perfect material for the students’ study of live theatre. Interestingly too, it is a production that the young Mr Lewis also used to perform in – his insights proved most useful in post-production discussions. All the girls appeared to enjoy the evening even though many tears were shed during the final moments – a truly cathartic experience.

Blood Brothers