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Academic | Posted 11.10.2017

STEM: Jobs for the Girls

A group of 12 Year III girls recently went to RAF Leeming for the STEM: Jobs for the Girls conference. The conference was aimed at girls across Yorkshire to challenge accepted STEM gender stereotypes and to try and encourage a future in STEM based jobs such as engineering. It was a really interesting day which consisted of a couple of talks in the morning followed by a number of different workshops and an opportunity to visit Science themed stalls. The talks were very interesting and really encouraged girls to get into STEM subjects and careers, which are largely dominated by males. The speakers were inspirational and there were a few quizzes for visitors to answer. The ‘Sphero’ activity was really good fun, we had to get colourful balls to follow a path around the floor using programming techniques. All the military soldiers were helpful and very welcoming – we had a wonderful day and would recommend it to other girls in the future.

IMG_5094 IMG_5097

By Nancy Collin, Delphine Parkin and Rose Pemberton, Year III