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St Aidan | Posted 20.05.2014

St Aidan’s House Dinner: A Smashing Success!

On Friday 4th May the whole of St Aidan’s house got together to celebrate ‘Living Life to the Full’. Having heard great things about the other Houses’ suppers, we were looking forward to the good food and the opportunity to integrate. Mr Payton and the house captains had clearly put a lot of effort into the decoration; the library was full of yellow balloons, and wine glasses of colourful sweets decorated the tables. Everyone made an effort to come dressed in their brightest clothes, and the colour clashes reflected the evening’s exciting atmosphere.

After a delicious four-course meal, we were given an inspirational talk by guest speaker Lara Fawcett. She gave us advice on how to live life to the full, telling us funny anecdotes from her teenage years and playing songs which have particularly inspired her throughout her life. Our favourite was Baz Lurhman’s ‘Everyone’s Free to Wear Sunscreen’, which encouraged us to never worry about what other people think about you, and to make the most of what you have. Her speech was extremely touching and perfectly adapted to the mixed ages of our audience, and we would like to thank her for inspiring us all.

We then enjoyed ourselves playing an after-dinner game called ‘Suits’, which basically involves running around the table and sitting on top of other people. It was a perfect game for encouraging integration, and we all got to know each other a bit better!

Overall it was a really enjoyable evening, and we would all like to thank Lara Fawcett, Mr Payton, the kitchen staff and the St Aidan’s House Captains (Teresa Leeming and Phoebe Williams-Ellis) for organising such a successful night.

Report by Eliza Plowden (Upper Sixth)