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School news | Posted 07.03.2017

Spanish Day at QM

Today the students learning Spanish from Years I to V headed into the School’s Chapman Theatre to see the amazing Spanish play, ‘Cuántos me gusta tienes?’ by visiting theatre company, Onatti Productions. After a delicious Spanish themed lunch including paella and tortilla de patatas, we were all so excited about the play, and it got us in the Spanish mood. When the play started we met Ale, a 15 year old boy who was in hospital overnight for observation after he became ill and fainted at his house. However, after posting that he was ill on Facebook, he decided to exaggerate his illness so his friends felt sorry for him. It was all going well for Ale until people started visiting him thinking that he had a serious illness. After many visits from girls and a Hospital Assistant, the secret was out and they found out in the end that he thankfully wasn’t really very ill at all. The play was very funny and there was an opportunity to talk to the actors and ask them questions in Spanish at the end.

Thank you to the Spanish teachers for organising such a great event.

by Poppy Wood, Year IV

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