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Robert Fuller 1
Art | Posted 14.03.2017

Robert Fuller Gallery

Year I students recently went on an Art trip to the Robert Fuller Gallery in Thixendale. Robert Fuller is one of Britain’s most famous wildlife artists, his paintings sell all over the world and he has exhibited in wildlife galleries across Europe. Up to 7,000 people visit his North Yorkshire gallery every year. When we arrived we were greeted by Mrs Fuller and her adorable dog, Tink. The gallery was warm and comfortable, the walls were covered in paintings and there was lots of different merchandise available to buy. Robert Fuller obviously enjoyed drawing wildlife but upstairs in the gallery there were also ‘nestcams’ which were live and recorded animals in their nests.

After having a look around Mrs Fuller called us together to take part in an activity. We were all given three pencils, each one a different shade of grey, to recreate one of Robert’s paintings with. Millicent chose a stunning fox whose fur was made up of short brush strokes. Because our drawings were not in colour, we had to work on making the background dull so the main feature would jump out. After a morning at the gallery we said thank you to Mrs Fuller and Tink, had our lunch and got back on the bus back to School. We particularly enjoyed this trip as it was different to anything else we have been doing at School, all in all it was a fun day and we really enjoyed ourselves.

By Florence Hamilton and Millicent Pennock, Year I.

Robert Fuller 2