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Sports | Posted 07.05.2013

QM Girls jump for charity

At the beginning of the academic year, QM’s Charity Committee chose York Playspace as their ‘Charity of the Year.’ Read on to hear how 7 brave QM girls along with 3 of their teachers “took the plunge” to raise funds for this worthy charity ……

On Sunday April 21st, 7 QM girls along with 3 members of staff completed a bungee jump from Middlesbrough’s iconic Transporter Bridge in aid of this worthy charity.

Read on for Alice and Sophie’s account of the day……..

“The bus journey up was oddly quiet as we all tried to kid ourselves that we weren’t about to throw ourselves off a very high structure on the off chance that a piece of springy cord might keep us alive.

Once we arrived in Middlesbrough, we had to wait a couple of hours before they would let us jump, so we sat in the minibus and watched lots of other people fall the 170 feet towards the Tees, and spent a lot of time questioning our decision to sign up to this in the first place.

After a quick packed lunch, for those of us who weren’t feeling too sick to eat, we were weighed in front of everybody, which the teachers didn’t seem very keen on, and given our harnesses. It was at this point the reality of what we were about to do really began to sink in.

We began climbing the 210 (steep) steps up to the top of the bridge – the view from the top was nerve racking.

As Mrs Cameron waved to us from the safety of the shore, we lined up and received our final safety briefing. We didn’t feel like there was much to laugh at this point, that was until we saw Mr Staveley trying not to look scared as the man harnessed him up.

Although we were all scared (not unreasonable, I feel) all 10 of us completed the jump and everyone agreed it was an amazing experience. The thrill was incredible, and it took us quite a while to come down from the inevitable adrenaline high!

We’d like to thank Mr Staveley, Mrs Cameron, Mr Thackray, Miss Peacock and Miss Elliott for organising and helping us on the day.

Bring on next year!”

To date, the charity committee has raised nearly £4,000 through their imaginative and exhaustive efforts.

Funds raised will be used to support York Playspace’s popular Chill Out Zones, which provide children and young people with opportunities to play, learn and socialise together.