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School news | Posted 16.03.2018

Junior Schools Sports Tournament at QM

Today, QM hosted the Junior Schools Sports Tournament, now in its nineteenth year. With 11 different schools competing and over 170 participants, the girls enjoyed taking part in a Netball Tournament and 52 girls took on the Cross Country.

The event has become a tradition for Yorkshire schools including Belmont Grosvenor, Richmond House and Highfield Preparatory School alongside Scottish schools including Cargilfield and Belhaven Hill, Buchan School from the Isle of Man and many more.

Following brilliant play throughout the day, the Netball finals were fought out between Cargilfield and St Pius X Preparatory School, with the former taking the championship title. Meanwhile, the team from Belmont Grosvenor took the Cross Country Team title.

Congratulations to all the teams. The standard of play was consistently high and everyone had a fantastic day.




Cargilfield – Winners of the Netball Tournament including Sophie, winner of the Player of the Tournament.



St Pius X Preparatory School – Silver medalists in the Netball Tournament



Belmont Grosvenor – Winners of the Team Award for Cross Country



1st Cleodie (Belhaven Hill), 2nd Olivia (Belmont Grosvenor), 3rd Anna (Richmond House) – Cross Country Winners