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Events | Posted 22.02.2018

Inspiring Lives Careers Event

This week we were delighted to welcome eight OMs back to School to host a careers event for girls in Years V – UVI. Our visitors came to speak to the girls about their fascinating careers which span a wide range of industries, from Medicine to Marketing and Finance to Fashion.

The afternoon began with a wonderful introduction from Denise Winston (Robertson, 1967 – 1973)  who is a Personal Presentation Specialist for House of Colour. Denise spoke to the girls about the importance of first impressions and the things they can control such as dress, posture and attitude and it set the scene for the rest of the event perfectly.


Afterwards the girls attended their choice of three sessions on careers in different industries.

Ellie Ingilby (2000 – 2007) and Sue King (a QM Governor) led the Finance and Law sessions by sharing their experiences of their roles as a Portfolio Manager for a Private Wealth Firm and a Lawyer.


Linda Illingworth (McGill, 1974 – 1981) and Jessica Day (Oldfield, 1986 – 1993) led the Medicine sessions in which they spoke about their roles as a Physiotherapist and a Neonatologist.

Emma Combe (Lee, 1993 – 2000) and Nicola Wedge (Handley, 1985 – 1990) ran sessions on Recruitment and Marketing and talked to the girls about their experience in Headhunting and Events Management.

Finally, the Creative Industries sessions were led by Iona Miller (2001 – 2006) who is an Account Manager for a luxury British shoe company and Julie Williamson who is a Freelance Producer/Director and has 30 years experience in TV and film.

After attending their three chosen sessions the girls had chance to network with all of the speakers and draw further on their specialisms.



Year V students Mimi Milligan-Manby and Harriet Forster share their thoughts; “We found the afternoon helpful, informative and enlightening. The subjects ranged from Finance and Law, Medicine, Recruitment and Marketing to Creative Industries. The afternoon was introduced by Mrs Miles, followed by Denise Winton. We are all incredibly thankful for the time given and would like to thank all involved. It was such a beneficial afternoon.”

A huge thank you to our visiting presenters for giving up their time for an afternoon the girls all found extremely insightful. This event complemented a range Careers activities in the QM calendar such as a Careers Fair and other visiting speakers.