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2016 June dress a girl
Art | Posted 07.07.2016

‘Dress A Girl Around the World’ Charity Project.

Earlier in the year Mrs Stewart announced the start of the ‘Dress a Girl Around the World’ charity project where she asked for donations of pillowcases and bedding from girls and staff. She also asked for the donation of a small amount of anyone’s time. This special project aims to give every girl, wherever she may live and in whatever circumstances, at least one pretty dress. The charity collects handmade garments from across the UK and distributes them to different charities for their trips abroad to donate to orphanages and refuges.

The Duke of Edinburgh Award girls in Year IV have used this project for the Volunteering Section of their Bronze Award. Girls and staff have given up their lunchtimes this year and between them they have made 35 pillowcase dresses and 22 pairs of shorts, with many more part sewn ready to begin again in September. The group also turned their attention to pencil cases, as many children when they finally get the funding to attend school, cannot afford anything to write with or on. Forty decorated fabric pencil cases have been completed and filled, with the aid of donations from staff and from the School stationery supplier Ben Johnson. In addition, Mrs Stewart spent her winter evenings crocheting 43 dinky teddy bears to pop in the parcel as well, so the children will have something to cuddle. Even Mrs Stewart’s mother got involved in the project, producing shorts, dresses and little bags of her own to donate. Thanks to everyone who has helped or donated something to this worthwhile cause.

The project will continue throughout next year so please do dig out patterned cotton pillowcases and sheets over the summer holidays to turn into clothes for deserving children!