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School news | Posted 27.02.2013

Dancers Enjoy ‘Nutcracker’ Featuring Old Margaretian!

QM’s own Suzy Halstead performed in the Scottish Ballet’s rendition of this classic…

On Saturday 9 February, QM dancers were able to attend a beautiful rendition of the ‘Nutcracker’ as performed by the Scottish Ballet at the Theatre Royal in Newcastle. The girls were even treated to a special performance by QM’s own Old Margaretian, Suzy Halstead, a member of the Scottish Ballet. Read Cari’s observations on the performance below:

The performance was, as one of the girls described it ‘inspirational’ and ‘made me wish that I could actually dance!’ The ballet tells the story of a young girl who receives a nutcracker for Christmas which is then magically transformed to life. Although a lot of us were transported back to days of our childhood with the familiar tale, this performance was just a tad different to the Barbie version that we all watched 11 years ago.

However, despite its differences, many of us recognised the original Tchaikovsky live music which was exquisitely orchestrated and we were entranced into sitting through the entire performance without a single fidget. Well, maybe some of us couldn’t quite sit still after the short interval which included scoffing as many sweets as possible alongside the usual overpriced (yet just so tempting) theatre ice cream.

Overall, it was a fantastic trip, made even more exciting by the fact that the company included one of our very own old girls, Suzy Halstead. She, along with the rest of the cast, danced their little ballet shoes off, and delivered a wonderful performance which we will remember for a long time… Especially when, as we left the theatre, a teacher said to a young dancer: ‘Hey, we’ll see you up there in a few years!’