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The Academic Year at a Glance

Term Dates

Terms are devised to allow for every third weekend to be either a Leave Out (Exeat), Half Term or end of term.

Summer Term 2024

Boarders return16:00-18:00Sunday 14th April
Term begins08:15Monday 15th April
Leave Out begins12:10Friday 3rd May
Year V Study Leave begins12:10Friday 3rd May
Leave Out ends18:00-20:00Monday 6th May
UVI Study Leave begins12:00Saturday 11th May
Half Term begins12:10Friday 24th May
Half Term ends18:00-20:00Sunday 2nd June
Leave Out begins12:10Friday 14th June
Leave Out ends18:00-20:00Sunday 16th June
Term ends14:30Saturday 6th July

Autumn Term 2024

Boarders returnTimes TBC - From 11:00, dependent on year groupSunday 1st September

Term begins

08:15Monday 2nd September
Leave Out begins12:10Friday 27th September
Leave Out ends18:00-20:00Sunday 29th September
Half Term begins12:10Friday 18th October
Half Term ends18:00-20:00Sunday 3rd November
Leave Out begins12:10Friday 22nd November
Leave Out ends18:00-20:00Monday 25th November
Term ends12:00Saturday 7th December

Spring Term 2025

Boarders return16:00-18:00Sunday 5th January

Term begins

08:15Monday 6th January

Leave Out begins

12:10Friday 24th January
Leave Out ends18:00-20:00Monday 27th January

Half Term begins

12:10Friday 14th February
Half Term ends18:00-20:00Sunday 23rd February
Leave Out begins12:10

Friday 14th March

Leave Out ends18:00-20:00Sunday 16th March
Term ends12:00Saturday 29th March

Summer Term 2025

Boarders return16:00-18:00Monday 21st April

Term begins

08:15Tuesday 22nd April
Leave Out begins12:10Friday 2nd May
Leave Out ends18:00-20:00Monday 5th May

Half Term begins

12:10Friday 23rd May
Half Term ends18:00-20:00Sunday 1st June
Leave Out begins12:10

Friday 20th June

Leave Out ends18:00-20:00Sunday 22nd June
Term ends16:00Saturday 5th July

Please note that the timings for each term may be subject to review.

Pupils achieve a high level in the wide range of competitions, activities and creative and physical pursuits that are open to them outside the classroom, because both participation and excellence are encouraged by school leaders.

ISI Inspection Report (2019)

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